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Mar 25 2012

Joshua Jackson's on TWITTER!

In case you didn’t already know (and can see it in the sidebar to the left here), Josh Jackson has finally joined the Twitterverse!

You can follow him at @VancityJax

Welcome, Josh!

Joshua Jackson

Mar 22 2012

{Video} Answers will be revealed tomorrow night on FRINGE!

Ari Margolis who does the amazing promotional videos for FRINGE released this video that features snippets of Fringe clips with interviews conducted at this year’s WonderCon. It seems like tomorrow night’s episode is going to be giving us so many new answers that we’ve been waiting for and the best part? We get EIGHT EPISODES IN A ROW starting tomorrow night through May! Fringe every week? Great way to kick off your weekend. Be sure to watch live and Tweet about Fringe on Friday!

Joshua Jackson

Mar 21 2012

Joshua Jackson on Thriller "Inescapable" has provided an exclusive interview with Joshua Jackson where he discusses his new upcoming thriller, “Inescapable” which stars Marisa Tomei.

CS: There aren’t very many details about “Inescapable” out there. What’s the premise of the movie and where does your character fit in?

Jackson: The overall premise of the movie is a father trying to rescue his daughter, Muna. But I think the movie is really more about a man coming to grips with his own past and own story and the consequences or choices we make in our lives that lie dormant for many, many years, but never entirely go away. For myself, I play a Canadian man who works for the Consulate General in Damascus and gets himself involved in this world that quickly spirals out of control.

You can read the full interview at

Joshua Jackson

Mar 19 2012

{Photos} Josh at WonderCon – Fringe panel & Comic signing!

Yesterday was a great day for Fringe and Joshua Jackson fans alike! With Josh and co-star Blair Brown’s last minute addition to the panel roster, everyone was in for a real treat. This year’s WonderCon was a big success in my opinion and was a huge improvement to the chaos that is always Comic-Con in San Diego.

On a personal note, it was great to see Josh again and have his support of myself and the site. We had a chance to catch up briefly and you can always count on Josh to be in good spirits. After the panel, a raffle was done in the audience to 50 people to get a copy of his penned comic edition of “Beyond the Fringe” signed by him in person! He seemed really excited to connect with the fans personally and share his latest effort. There are images I took from the panel below and images from his comic book signing:

Joshua Jackson : WonderCon Fringe Panel x 93 images

Fringe Wondercon Panel Fringe Wondercon Panel Fringe Wondercon Panel

Joshua Jackson : WonderCon Fringe Comic signing x 7 images

Fringe Wondercon Panel Fringe Wondercon Panel Fringe Wondercon Panel

Joshua Jackson

Mar 19 2012

{Video} Fringe WonderCon Panel Parts 1 & 2

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