Joshua Jackson

The London Eye – March 2002

Joshua Jackson is standing in a carriage of the London Eye with T4 presenter Dermot O’Leary. He is wearing a dark grey short (slightly unbuttoned) with black pants. His hair has been cut since Season 4 of Dawson’s Creek, but it’s still longer.

First, a clip from season 4 episode “Promicide” is shown with Pacey and Joey arguing

Dermot O’Leary: Ladies and gentlemen at T4 and the United Kingdom, please welcome to the London Eye, Mr. Joshua Jackson! What brings you to London? What did u just wanna meet everyone here?

Joshua Jackson: I just wanted to stand on top of the biggest city in the world and I’ve done it! I’ve achieved my goal!

DOL: Okay, so Dawson’s Creek – 5 years now. Let’s say for example, I’ve been on a desert island for 5 years and I come back and everybody’s talking about Dawson’s Creek. And I turn to you, and I say “what is Dawson’s Creek? Explain it to me”, you would say…?

JJ: I would say, its an American TV show about 6 kids (show picture from “You had me at goodbye” – the one taken with Dawson’s camera) who are living and growing up together in high school, which we’ve now just finished, and starting into the working and college years.

DOL: For the last 5 years, how do you think your…firstly your character, for you…

JJ: (cuts in) Well, for me, if you ask me, which you did, well, I’ve actually had the best gig on the show. You know you have a good show if you start off having an affair with an older woman (laughs)

Clip: Tamara kissing Pacey from the pilot episode

DOL: Well, what happens with you and girls? Do they all think you’re like Pacey?

JJ: Errr, you do get that quite a bit, which is odd…but…I don’t know, I mean its not a tough life (grins)

Clip: Kissing Andie by the dock from season 2 episode “The Dance”

DOL: So how long would Dawson’s last now? I know you must get asked all the time…

JJ: Positively got another year, and I would guess for another year after that, and I think after that it will be done.

DOL: Josh, thanks a lot!

JJ: Thanks, bye bye!

(the two shake hands)

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