Joshua Jackson

The Big Breakfast (UK) – March 2002

Part 1 – thanks to Snoozy (at FanForum)

Amanda the interview who is Irish does the introduction,….. blah blah blah… Joshua Jackson!!! (loud cheers)

JJ: That’s not a bad way to be woken up in the morning.

Amanda: Oh I know, it happens every morning, you tell them to cheer and they do. Watch… cheer! (loud cheers)

JJ: Brilliant, they should come to North Carolina.

Amanda: Are people surprised to find out you come from Canada?

JJ: Americans are always surprised to hear I come from Canada. Americans are surprised to find out that Canada exists! (puts on a surprised voice) ‘It’s a country? All by itself? Not a state? Oh wow’.

Amanda: (continued surprised voice) ‘And you speak really good English.’

JJ: ‘That’s odd, do you celebrate Christmas?’

Amanda: I get that in Ireland, ‘Do you have roads there?’

JJ: Yeah exactly. The classic for Canada is ‘So what’s it like living in an igloo?’

Amanda: No?

JJ: Oh yeah. I actually had a reporter ask me if I lived in an igloo. You know…. someone who should have some idea of the world – asked if I’d ever been ice fishing, if I hunted polar bears.

Amanda: Your grandmother is from Dublin.

JJ: She is (loud cheers again)

Amanda: Which is why I’ve worn my special T-shirt.

JJ: I appreciate that but (pointing to the crowd) that wasn’t an enthusiastic cheer for Ireland. (louder cheers and Josh is happy)

Amanda: Where in Ireland is your grandmother from?

JJ: She lived right of Ballyfirth(?)

Amanda: Does she?

JJ: Yeah

Amanda: That’s about two minutes up the road from me, we could have been neighbours.

JJ: We probably were at one point, I lived there for a little while as a kid.

Amanda: Do you know all the Irish phrases like ‘how are ye’?

JJ: (in Irish accent) How are ye miss?

Amanda: Last Easter we finally all watched with bated breath or some would say with panting palpitations when Pacey and Joey finally got together.

JJ: About time!

Amanda: About time. Well before we go any further let’s have a look at a clip.

They show the clip in the ski lodge starting ‘I’m going to count to 10….’ then come back to the interview and Josh is rubbing his eyes and smiling.

Amanda: See what we do there? We cut it off at the crucial moment to hook ’em in.

JJ: That’s American television for you.

Amanda: What can we expect from Season 5? Are Pacey and Joey going to stay an item?

JJ: I think we’ve had parting of the waves at the end of season 4

Amanda: No?

JJ: Yes. I was poorly behaved towards the end of the year so I think she gave me my walking papers.

Amanda: What did you do?

JJ: Well I’m young. I maybe made a couple of mistakes here and there.

Amanda: Poor Joey.

JJ: I know. That’s what I said, but I lost her.

Amanda: Are you allowed to tell us that?

JJ: I sure hope so (they laugh)

Amanda: Well it’s too late now, an exclusive to the Big Breakfast

Amanda: Well Pacey is the Capeside lady killer or ladies man – he had a session with his teacher, had a scene with Jen and is now wooing Joey. Are you at all like you on screen character?

JJ: I wish! If I had that many beautiful women in my life, I’d be a very happy man.

The crowd (all women) all say ‘awwww’

Amanda: We can make that happen.

Amanda: Now your dog goes everywhere with you.

JJ: Yes.

Amanda: Is it a he or a she?

JJ: It’s a he. Well it was a he (his fingers motion like a pair of scissors cutting!)

Amanda: Oh really?

JJ: Yep – ‘That’s it Shumba (he pronounced it Shumba) One more time and I swear (does the scissors cutting motion again)

Amanda: Is it dead?

JJ: Dead? God no. Bite your tongue. I meant ‘snip’.

Amanda: Oh snip! I thought that was a gun!! (meaning his hand movements).

JJ: (laughing) Yeah he was bad one day and I shot him.

Amanda: I’m sorry. Who’s looking after him?

JJ: My mom’s looking after him but I’m going to have to call her – ‘Is he ok? She said he was shot!’

Amanda: I’m sorry… so… ok. In the past, your name has been linked with two of your co-stars Katie Holmes and Brittany Daniel. Who would be your ideal co-star?

JJ: Um… I think at this moment my ideal co-star, without the romantic links, would be Natalie Portman.

Amanda: Of Star Wars.

JJ: Well yes, but I’ve been told here it’s ‘Leon’, but for me it was called ‘The Professional’ – she was fantastic in that movie, it was her first job and she was really brilliant. It was a great film, so if you have a little time tonight, go rent Leon.

Amanda: And she happens to be a good looking girl as well.

JJ: Well that doesn’t hurt, but that’s none of my concern.

Amanda: So did you go up for the part in Star Wars?

JJ: No that was a rumour. I don’t think anybody really went up for the part. The closest you could get was meeting the casting director and after that they told you.

Amanda: Ahhhh…

JJ: It was a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, getting the golden ticket you know? So no, I’m not Darth Vader.

Amanda: I went for the part of Yoda (she laughs)

JJ: Well you have your green on.

Amanda: Kevin Williamson, Dawsons Creek creator reckons you are the next Tom Hanks. Who would you like to be?…. Forget Kevin Williamson (she laughs).

JJ: Yeah forget he was my boss. I’d like to be Paul Newman or James Bond.

Amanda: James Bond?

JJ: Every guy wants to be James Bond. But if I could be any actor I’d be Paul Newman.

Amanda: Ok well I think you are good enough as you are as Joshua Jackson!!! (crowd cheers)

PART 2 – thanks to Jaycee (FanForum)

Amanda jumps on the bed. Josh has removed his jacket. He’s all dressed in black, btw, a casual black suit with a black shirt, but still sitting right at the edge of his side of the bed.

Amanda: Dawson’s Creek dish, canadian hunk/irish hunk indeed, as well, Joshua Jackson, everybody. (Loud cheers)
Ok, well apart from being a bit of a ladies man, as Pacey is…

JJ: You’re trying to get me in trouble

Amanda: Am I?

JJ: I hope so (Oooohh, Josh, a bit of flirting talk there)

Amanda: Me too (Laughter) It’s quite alright by me. What other traits do you share with Pacey?

JJ: Um, um, um, um, well, we both have blue eyes and dark hair

Amanda: You’re the image of him

JJ: Yeah, the spitting image, really

Amanda: Don’t you think he looks like Pacey from DC? (agreement form the crew)

JJ: I get that all the time, but I hear that he’s gay. (Laughter. He runs his hand through his hair so that it now has that very sexy unruly look)

Amanda: He also has, as you do, a great sense of humour so I think we’ve got a clip of some of pacey’s wit.

(They show the dinner scene from KKBB where Pacey says the art museum looks like an artichoke. Not the best clip in the least that they could have shown to demonstrate the Witter wit, imo. The crew automatically Laugh and clap when we come back to them and Amanda says…

Amanda: Don’t you love it when they do that?

JJ: Laugh or else!

Amanda: Witter’s wit there, i think. Your film career is taking off with 3 movies, not 1, not 2, but 3 movies in the pipeline. One, which like DC, actually, is filmed in the american south. Lone Star State of Mind. That’s a bit of a mouthful.

JJ: It is. We call that the belt buckle show because we’re all texans running around with these big, I mean, you could eat off these things. They were massive.

Amanda: So it’s filmed in S.America.

JJ: Not quite in S.America. We didn’t quite get that far south. We were in Austin, Texas. Home of the Bushes.

Amanda: Yeehah!

JJ: But I digress. that was actually a great time. We did it in Jan, Feb and March. And it was nice. It was a comedy and it was all young kids. We were all around the same age. So we had a blast on that. It was good times

Amanda: So are you a real southern boy now?

JJ: Yeah, well, I don’t know. Texans don’t consider Texas the south. That’s why they call it the lone star state. Cos they actually consider themselves an independant country.

Amanda: Well, it’s funny, cos i met a guy and he said’ I’m not from the states, i’m from texas.’ They do. They genuinely believe…

JJ: Yeah, they honestly believe themselves…they just kinda, sorta involved in the US because it’s easy, but if you were really to ask them they are their own country. And they believe it and it’s serious.

Amanda: And they think Canada’s a state?

JJ: No actually, they think Canada’s just this big pink thing on top of the atlas. ‘You live in – people live in Canada?!!! Are you communists?!!’

(Lots of laughing)

Amanda: You were also were working with Glenn Close. (Ooohhhhs from the gallery) You’re mixing with the good ‘uns there. (Gives Amanda another excuse to touch Josh)

JJ: Yeah, that was nice, actually, I had, probably my best day as an actor, I got to watch her work in a scene. You know it’s Glenn Close, and you’re sitting there, and yeah, it’s wow. Then she got to the end of the scene and you everybody in the room, it was such an occasion. Everybody in room, all the camera people were crying, the boom operator was crying, the director came in and was crying.

Amanda: Oh, why don’t you guys cry like that? We do touching things sometimes. (she says to the crew and they pretend to cry)

JJ: You’re like the queen. Cry! Boohoo! Laugh! (And he laughs cos the crew yet again are doing what she’s asking)

Amanda: Bring on my dancing ladies! (She claps her hands. Everyone’s laughing. Josh is quite tickled)
Do you find you pick up stuff from working with amazing actors like that…little tips?

JJ: Well, I don’t know…there’s a long road for me to become from where I am to somebody like that. But certainly you can only become better by working with good people and it’s an honour to be on the same set working with people like that. That was a great day

Amanda: Well, it’s also rumoured you want to go to college. Is that true?

JJ: I do, eventually. I’m going to be the oldest college freshman on earth.

Amanda: So you would like to go to college at some point?

JJ: Yeah, I would

Amanda: What would you study?

JJ: I don’t know. It’s really up in the air for me. It would be just the experience of going to coleege. I didn’t have that time, those years, so I’d like to just go see what it’s like for awhile. So i’d study something useless like, you know..

Amanda: Like politics…

JJ: Basket weaving. Yeah, politics

Amanda: You’re into politics, though, aren’t you?

JJ: No, I’m disgusted with politics. I live in Amereica…

Amanda: Are you a George W Bush fan?

JJ: Huge, massive, massive. I held his arm as we went into the Whitehouse…

Amanda: That was you! I knew I saw you somewhere. I though it was Pacey from DC.

JJ: Yeah, but he’s gay like I said. Actually we’ll start that rumour here. He’s George Bush’s lover!

Amanda: You heard it here on the BB first

JJ: So when I wind up assassinated in the next couple of days, you’ll know why

Amanda: Well, Joshua, the last time you were here we gave you a little teapot and you said you found that extremely useful.

JJ: Yes, well, being a bachelor, as i am, living on your own…(a whoop from the crew. Amanda points into the cew)

Amanda: Easy, Heather! calm down girl! (Heather grins delightedly. She’s nerdy with glasses, but cute)

JJ: Talk to you later (He says pointing to Heather, everyone laughing) But anyway, the single serving teapot is a brilliant thing. actually I’ve given them away to all the cast members on the show now

Amanda: Did you?

JJ: Because we all live on our own, you know and a whole pot of tea just sits there all day and the single serving is brilliant. So yeah, it was the most useful gift I was ever given, I think.

Amanda: Well, do you know what, Joshua? Look what we have for you!

JJ: Gifts. i just love my job!

Amanda: Another teapot! (She brings out a cute dark blue little teapot which says on the side ‘and all I got was this tiny teapot.’ (Lots of cheering)
Who are you going to give that one to?

JJ: I think this one is gonna go to mum.

Amanda: Ahhh. Oh! are you a mummy’s boy? (Touches his arm again. The crew all go ahhh and Josh stops short)

JJ: I should say that more often.

Amanda: You see they weren’t even cued for that.

JJ: I earned that one

Amanda: So mum’s going to get the teapot?

JJ: Yes, cos now both of the kids are out of the house now so she needs the single serving teapot

Amanda: Oh, bless her. Give it up everybody for mummy’s boy Joshua Jackson. Thank you.

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