Joshua Jackson

So, Graham Norton – July 2003

Thanks to Charise for transcribing.

GN: “Welcome.”

JJ: “Thank you for having me.”

GN: (Addressing the screaming audience members) “You’re pleased you sat in the front now, aren’t you? (More screaming) That must happen to you all the time, doesn’t it?”

JJ: “Oh, yeah, everywhere I go, it’s like my living room.”

GN: “So, listen, much excitement, because Sunday, July 7th, last ever Dawson’s Creek.”

JJ: “No, the beginning of the final season…building up to our grand finale (makes like he’s wiping away tears)…it’s a very sad moment.”

GN: “Has that happened in America yet?”

JJ: “Yes, we finished shooting on April 26th, and May 14th, I think, is when we aired the finale. But I won’t spoil it for you, cause it’s pretty good.”

GN: “Now we know she’s choosing. We know that it’s all about she’s choosing between…”

JJ: “She is choosing. (Looks at audience) And if you aren’t with me than I’m very angry with you.”

GN: “Oh, you can do better. (Laughter) Now, what’s this, you do get a new job in this series?”

JJ: “Yeah…I become a stockbroker in this series, which is a natural, after being a chef. I think stockbroker is the next natural choice, right?”

GN: “That does seem odd.”

JJ: “It was a little. It struck me as a bit odd.”

GN: How is it…oh, because you need to get rich by the end of the series.”

JJ: “Yes. I need to have a little bit of scratch before I was done. A little money, a little mooh-la.”

GN: “Ah, surely, that sways Joey…(Laughter) is there a flash forward or something like that.”

JJ: “Well, at the very end of the season, to get to a place where we weren’t stockbrokers and doing odd things like that, we flash forward five years, and pick up these characters as they don’t know each other and they’re getting to know each other once.”

GN: “Oooohhh.”

JJ: “Yeah, it’s quite good. I’m really happy with how the grand finale went. Kevin Williamson, who created the show, came back and wrote the last 2 hour special, and uh, I think it came off pretty well, and I think everyone will be very happy with how it ends, and the choice that she makes.”

GN: “And I presume…Ohhhh, clues…(Realizes Josh did just spoil it, laughter from Josh, audience laughs and applauds)”

GN: “Um, now some things…will you miss anything about it?”

JJ: “Oh, yeah. For six years, we were down there. I started when I was 18, and these were the people that I grew up with. Instead of going to college, or university, this is what I did – I was down in North Carolina, and you have bonds with these people that I can’t really even describe, because unless you were down there and doing it every day for six years, you can’t understand what the experience was like. And the people beyond the cast members, who are some of my closest friends now, the people who were on the crew in there for six years, and I was at their weddings, and was there when they christened their babies, and things like that…and the occasional divorce, here and there…that’s my extended family now, so I don’t think I could ever truly walk away from that experience.”

GN: “Now, listen, the ‘Pacey hair’.”

JJ: “Yes….”

GN: “…that you had for so many years…. you won’t be missing that, I’m guessing.”

JJ: “No. The bowl cut, I think, will go away for a little while.”

GN: “Cause wasn’t there a story…you did change it…”

JJ: “Well, I changed it after the first season, cause my grandmother was so disgusted with my haircut that she said she couldn’t suffer the indignity of me being like that on television anymore. But it never got any better.”

GN: “Doesn’t your grandmother live in Ireland?”

JJ: “Yeah.”

GN: “Have you been to Ireland?”

JJ: “Yeah.”

GN: “That hair was fine in Ireland! (Laughter) Good hair, I wouldn’t knock it…. Now, have you taken souvenirs from the set and things?”

JJ: “Not that I can tell you…. But they sold off…they were a bit chintzy at the end, because they sold off everything! So, like my clothes and things like that, which is a little bit awkward.”

GN: “Yeah, you’re not joking – because a lot of them are on E-bay (turns to computer monitor)…”

JJ: “Yeah, exactly.”

(Brief rundown of some miscellaneous items for sale)

GN: “But this is exciting, this is good. So, um, Dawson’s satin virginity sheets..(Josh cracks up laughing)…these are the sheets he lost his virginity on, there they are. Wait, wait, wait…the great thing is, they have sold now.”

JJ: “They went?”

GN: “They went.”

JJ: “How much is his virginity worth?”

GN: $102.50. However, look at this, still available to buy…Joey and Pacey’s virginity bedding (Josh puts his face in his hands), check it out (shows pic of sheets; laughter). Still available…that is it, isn’t it?”

JJ: “I couldn’t tell ya. I wasn’t looking at the sheets. (Laughter)

GN: “But that is still available to buy and that already got to…$300.00!

JJ: “Excellent!”

GN: “Very good.”

JJ: “Of course that was me that bid on it!”

GN: “Ah, the memories. Did they offer you any of that stuff?”

JJ: “No, none of that stuff. Anything that we took, we had to nick.”

GN: “That’s a bit mean.”

JJ: “Actually, it was sort of nice, at the end, you felt naughty at the end…(Demonstrates by taking glass of water and hiding it under his shirt)…. You’ll never get my virginity sheets!”

GN: (Pointing to e-bay screen) “And yet….

JJ: “And yet…. I can’t believe they’re listed as our virginity sheets.”

GN: “Well, it’s all about value. If it was just your sheets, who cares.

JJ: “Right, who cares…these aren’t ANY old sheets.”

GN: “Right, they’re featured in THAT episode.”

(Josh is still chuckling)

Rest of Part One deals with talking to the audience about urban myths.

Part Two

Returning from commercial break…

GN: Welcome back, everyone! Joshua Jackson is here!”

(Audience clapping loudly; GN really milks it)

GN: “You know, I may just start saying that no matter who the guest is. I’ll go “Here’s Joshua Jackson” (Imitates crowd screaming). They love you.”

(Josh makes modest “oh, stop” motions)

GN: No, but they do, and actually, you must have seen this, cause it’s about you (Josh gives him a doubtful look). It’s a website, have you?”

JJ: “I don’t know…I take no responsibility..(Jokingly)”

GN: Oh, no, no. I know you didn’t write it. I really hope you didn’t write it! (Josh cracks up) It is, it is literally called

JJ: (Joking) “Oh, yeah, that is my website actually.”

GN: “Don’t worry, there aren’t any pictures. But they write these long, long stories, that, if you’re in the mood, are quite graphic (Josh laughing). This one’s called “The Salt in Your Bed” by Laura Smith. And what’s clever about it, don’t worry…it is written in sort of Dawson’s…”

JJ: “Creek-speak?”

GN: (Nodding) “Creak-speak. What it is…they do a lot of….

JJ: “We talk a lot and there’s no sex on it?”

GN: “Well, there’s a little bit towards the end (reads a brief passage). Cause, do you think, there’s a bunch of people now growing up across the world who do talk like that?”

JJ: “I sure hope not. (Laughter) We are the most eloquent children the world has ever seen. It’s unbelievably verbose, the show, which is a good thing, and I think its good to have a show that talks up to an audience rather than down to the audience, but my god, sitting at home, trying to memorize those lines sometimes….. I mean, it could just put you in a fit. (Pretends to be looking at a script and crying) ‘Oh, no! I’m never gonna get it!'”

GN: “Cause it’s all like a thought within a thought…

JJ: “And in another thought, and then you go on and ten pages later you’re still talking about tying your shoes.”

GN: “Now, you have a dog, don’t you?”

JJ: “I do. I have a huge, black lab, Rhodesian ridgeback mutt.”

GN: “Is it called Shumba?”

JJ: “Shumba, yes. No one ever gets that right. I’m impressed.”

(GN makes smug, happy face)

GN: “Now, I think I’ve even got a picture…oh, yes, here it is, it’s not a great picture, its off the net, of yourself and Shumba (shows audience picture).”

JJ: “That’s my baby boy.” (Extra awwwww from me!)

Audience: “Awwwwww….”

GN: “Now, you know the way you can get oil paintings done of your pets?”

JJ: (Laughing) “Yes, I have them all over my house actually.”

GN: “Well, you will in a minute!”

GN: “So, obviously, who wants an oil painting of their pet? But, this woman, in America – these are real – she hasn’t been able to send us the real oil painted ones yet, but we will get them to you…what does sent…what she does is….”

JJ: “She didn’t.”

GN: “She’s able to paint your dog into classic works of art (GN and JJ are both laughing by this point). So here’s Shumba (holds up a picture of Shumba painted into Sistine Chapel painting – Josh is hysterically laughing). We will get this to you. It’s gonna be a real oil painting, with Shumba there. I love the paw. And then there’s a lovely portrait of Von Gogh (show other picture). The paws there work again. So these are just IOU’s for the real things. (Hands Josh picture).

JJ: “That is just brilliant.”

GN: ” Does it at least look like Shumba a bit?”

JJ: “It looks exactly like him.”

GN: “Oh, brilliant! It worked!”

End of Interview. (Rest of segment is devoted to more recreating of urban myths)

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