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Season 4 Interview – Phoenix, Arizona – Sept 29, 2000

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Tara Hitchcock: Well, at the end of last season of Dawson’s Creek, Pacey and Jo sailed off into the sunset. But now they have to come back for their senior year. Or do they?

(Cut to preview)

(Pacey and Joey on “True Love”)

Joey: I mean, as truant as your natural instinct may be, you’d never really suggest us skipping our senior year entirely.

Pacey: Just what would we be missing from the land of poorly scripted melodramas, huh? Recycled plot lines, tiresome self-realizations. Throw in the occasional downward spiral of a dear friend, maybe a baby here and death there, and all you really got is a recipe for some soul sucking, mind numbing ennui, and I for one could skip it. (he kisses her again on the lips. She moves her mouth up and tenderly kisses the tip of his nose.)

(Back to Tara)

Tara: Yeah, but I don’t think fans would be too happy about that. They have to come back; they do come back. Joining us live from Wilmington, North Carolina, Josh Jackson and Katie Holmes. Good morning!

Katie: Good morning. (holding a cup of coffee)

Josh: We’re baaaack!

Tara: (laughing) They’re baaack. Okay, I have to admit, I watched the premiere yesterday, I had a chance to screen it, and obviously the big test once you do come back, is how to handle Dawson.

Josh and Katie: (nodding) Yes, right.

Tara: Can you give anything away?

Katie: Hmm? Well, not only how to-

Josh: He’s like a hot potato, you don’t want to hold on for two long, you might get burned.

Katie: Well, it seems as though everyone wants to know what we did over the summer.

Josh: Yes indeed. I want to know what we did over the summer.

Tara: (laugh) See I want to ask that question, you’re right, a lot of the characters on the show ask that question “What did you do?” but we’ll just let the viewers figure that one out. Is it getting harder to come back every year? You guys are so busy, everyone is going movies, everyone has time off, is it getting tougher to come back?

Katie: Um, it’s…it’s just, I think because we’re getting older, we’ve had to grow up a lot quicker than most people…well quicker than some people our age.

Josh: Are you honestly saying that I’ve grown up at all in the last four years you’ve known me?

Katie: (laughing and pointing at him) Well, except you.

Josh: If anything, I’ve regressed!

Katie: Yes, it’s true.

Tara: (laugh) Well let me ask you about that-

Katie: (still talking) So the gap is getting larger.

Josh: But this year, let me tell you something. The gap does get larger, but it feels like the nice bookend. This year we’re finishing off the senior year, it’s kind of like the completion to the story. It’s a story about kids going through high school, and this is like finishing it off..

Katie: (smiling and talking with a mock tone) It is. It’s, it’s a charming time.

Josh: (nodding) It is a charming time.

Katie: Yes, and you’re, you’re lovely.

Josh: Thanks, and so are you. And I’m quite happy to be sitting next to you in those leather pants.

Tara: (laughing) Clearly you all get along and it’s been no secret that you guys have dated in real life in the past, how is that, what is it like to work-

Katie: (laughing loudly) Out of nowhere!

Josh: (pretending to punch himself out and falls of the couch)

Tara: Sorry, we’re known for our segue on this show.

Katie: Right, right. (laughing still)

Josh: (getting back up) Sorry…(looks at Katie) What do we do now?

Katie: (laughs) I don’t know.

Tara: So let me ask you, what is it like working together because you have been through a lot off air, on air.

Katie: Well, you know what’s exciting about the Pacey and Joey storyline is you know how when you’re a senior, and they finally get together, and they finally fall in love, and after so much last year suppressing feelings and worrying about Dawson. They finally get together and the future is kind of looming over them, and its like “Well, we’re going to have to leave each other.” I mean, how many people did you know, I mean I really wasn’t one of those people because I didn’t fall in love, but-

Josh: Treasure boy! (Schedule Boy?)

Katie: (giving him a stare, but grinning)

Josh: Sorry. I hope Treasure boy doesn’t live in Phoenix! Speaking of Phoenix, I want to say hi to my friend Danny in Tucson.

Katie: And I want to say hi to Rick May.

Josh: Okay, but say hi to Danny too.

Katie: Oh and Danny, cause I know Danny too.

Tara: So, so Danny and Rick?

Katie: Rick May. (looks at Josh) He took me to…a dance. (looks at Tara) Okay. (smiles)

Tara: Can you all tell us about the new characters? I know you introduce one new character.

Katie: We have two new characters. (Looks at Josh) You can take Sasha, cause-

Josh: I can’t take Sasha, she’s married. (laughs) The things that come out of my mouth!!

Katie: We have Sasha Alexander, who plays Gretchen, Pacey’s sister who befriends Dawson and always hangs out at the record shop.

Josh: (talking about Sasha) She’s a very funny girl.

Katie: (talking about Gretchen) She’s into music and she works at Leery’s Fresh Fish.

Josh: Say that three times fast.

Katie: I know. Fresh Fish, Fresh Fish. And we have Mark from NY who plays Drue.

Josh: Drue Valentine.

Katie: Yeah, who’s from, um, Jen’s past.

Tara: It should be a great, great season. Does this mean, Jonathon, you were talking about bookends, does that mean this season you will be wrapping it up?

Josh: Oh, that hurts. My name’s Josh.

Tara: Josh, I’m sorry! I mean, I don’t know you all that well…

Josh: That stings a little, that tickles in a bad rib spot.

Katie: Jonathon, he’s on General Hospital, Jonathon Jackson. (laughing) He was in that Michelle Pfeiffer movie.

Josh: (looks at her) Thanks. *sighs*

Tara: As I was saying-

Josh: What would you like to know, Tina?

Tara: Oh that hurt!

Josh: Well, turn about – it’s fair play!

Tara: Well, Joshua and Josh aren’t that far off!

Josh: No, you called me Jonathon.

Tara: (surprised) Oh I did?! Oh, I thought I called you Joshua.

Josh: No, Joshua is my name!

Katie: (under her breath to Josh) That’s the next interview, and she’s a little mixed up.

Tara: (sad voice) I meant Joshua, I know your name is Joshua.

Josh: Okay, but I’ll answer as Jonathon now, he seems like a cool kid. Ask me as question as him.

Tara: (quiet) But I don’t like Jonathon.

Katie: Josh!

Josh: Seriously, I’ll do it, watch.

Tara: Alright, did you like his performance in that Michelle Pfeiffer movie?

Katie: (laughs) That’s nice.

Josh: No, ask me for him, not about him.

Tara: See, I’m only familiar with him in the Michelle Pfeiffer movie, I don’t watch General Hospital, I watch you guys.

(Takes Katie and Josh a while to get that, but then…)

Katie: Ohhhh!! (smiling and laughing)

Josh: Okay, you’re back on our good side now. (pretending to poke her) You snuck your way back in!

Tara: So are you guys going to be back next year? Or are you off to college and that’s the end of Dawson’s Creek?

Katie: We have no idea. We have no idea. What do you think?

Tara: I hope you’re back, I think you’ll be back.

Katie: Thanks!

Tara: I want to mention that the season premiere of Dawson’s Creek is October 4th next Wednesday. Catch it on the WB. Thanks to Joshua or Josh Jackson and Katie Holmes.

(They both smile)

Katie: Thank you very much.

(Cut to Tara talking to Brad Perry)

Tara: Brad, I have to admit I got a little tear in my eye when Joey is by herself with Dawson, at night, and Dawson wants to know what happened over the summer, but she can’t really tell…ya know…it was very moving, they did a really great job. Brad?

Brad: Oh sorry are you done? I’m not a Dawson’s Creek person, I’m more of a Charmed person.

(End of Dawson’s Creek segment)

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