Joshua Jackson

Season 4 Interview – Cleveland, Ohio – September 29, 2000

Thanks so much to Yoshhh for transcribing this for us.

Lady: Mmm…the plot thickens.

Dude: The plot thickens.

Lady: There’s been a lot of relationships on Dawson’s Creek going on, but Josh has really become the girls’ favorite I think. They have now a lot of story line going on with Dawson, but Katie, which is really Joey in the show, has now become his love interest and vice versa. There they are!

Josh: Hello Cleveland! (he says this loudly) Yeah! I’ve been waiting to do that all day.

Lady: Where are you guys this afternoon?

Josh: We’re in Wilmington.

Dude: Dawson’s front porch huh?

Katie and Josh: Yep.

Lady: Where is that boy?

Josh: He’s inside cooking breakfast.

They all laugh.

Lady: Well, you’ve been to Cleveland?

Katie: Yes, I have. I have friends who go to some universities in Cleveland.

Lady: In Cleveland here-

Katie: My sister..uh..nevermind. (She looks at Josh and he looks at her. They laugh)

Lady: You can tell us a story about your sister in Cleveland.

Katie: I have a story. (laughs and Josh smiles, trying to encourage her to tell the story)

Lady: Tell us the story.

Katie: My sister lived in Cleveland for six weeks while she was doing her internship a the Cleveland clinic.

Lady: Good, very reknowned place.

Katie: Isn’t that interesting.. (she smiles then looks at Josh while he stares up acting like he wasn’t interested)

Josh: Hey, I’m rivoted. (They laugh again)

Katie: Holly.(she’s saying to this Josh with a chuckle)

Josh: Really? Holly? And then did she finish her internship and where did she go from there?

Katie: She went up to Pittsburgh

Josh: Did you know where it was she was working as an intern? (he teases her)

Katie: Anyway, this year on Daw- (he interrupts) Hmm?

Dude: Alright.

Josh: Here’s the way to answer the question. You’ve gotta wait for the question before we give them the answer.

Katie: And you can interrupt me at anytime.

Josh: That gives us a feeling of spontaneity.

Lady: Ok..Dawson’s Creek has had an exceptional season thus far, but for our new viewers why don’t you give us an idea of what’s been going on up to speed. What’s transpired and um…where some of the stories are headed.

Katie: Um..well..we spent the summer sailing away together. Three months together on a boat and we come back and it’s our senior year and we have to kind of deal with the reality of that and deal with the reality of Dawson being in our lives and the pain that we’ve caused him and how it’s affected the whole group and certainly the three of us and how if affects our relationship (points at her and Josh), but also we have college in the future right around the corner so that’s affecting our relationship as well. So kind of a conflicting time. (she emphasizes “conflicting” and smiles at Josh)

Josh: It is a conflicting-(makes a funny voice) It’s like a high pressure situation here on Dawson’s Creek. (Katie laughs and nods)

Dude: Joey and Pacey’s new relationship has had quite an impact on Dawson . Can you comment about the changes in the characters on the show?

Josh: Well, he’s becoming a man.(in a deep voice and Katie laughs)

Lady: Always a man of words.

Katie: Well, uh..he’s actually befriending a new character played by Sasha Alexander, who is Pacey’s sister on the show and so…you know, he’s hanging out with her and he’s discovered a love for photography and he’s not so much so focused on just film.

Josh: Is it just me or does that plane sound like it’s really close.

Katie: The plane is close. We have a plane over us, but he’s kinda expanding his horizon and uh…you know…becoming more well rounded guy and trying to deal with the fact that his two bestfriends kind of lied to him.

Lady: You know, Dawson’s look-

Katie: Yeah

Josh: Wild and crazy guy.

Katie: Grew his hair out.

Lady: I’d say so.

Josh: Actually gave him mine to use them as extensions (he points to his hair)

Lady: Uh-huh (laughs)

Dude: Josh. Shaved your head for a movie or something? Come on now.

Josh: Uh…no.

Katie: No, he just decided to do it.

Josh: Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.

Lady: You know the WB refers to Dawson’s Creek as an exceptional show and it changed the entire direction of the network and can you comment on that and would you ever think that you were in that ground breaking series. Did you ever expect that?

Josh: Well, you know, in my inception of the show creatively..when I thought of the idea- (katie playfully hits in with her elbow)

Lady and

Dude: Give him Katie, give him. (katie does the tongue thing that Josh normally does)

Lady: You’re humble.

Katie: Yeah, we’re really responsible. (laughs) What a great opportunity for all of us and what a pleasure it has been and I just remember how exciting it was and still is, but uh…you know, it’s pretty wild to be part of it and a lot of fun.

Lady: That’s good.

Katie: and we’re very appreciative.

Josh: Yes and as great a compliment that is, many kudos have to be given to Joss Whedon and Buffy the Vampire and Seventh Heaven. (Katie nods as he talks), who I think established for the WB the idea of having an hour long drama and then we just kinda came up and carried the standard. So give enough respect to the rest of the kids working as hard, that’s all.

Dude: Yes. The character Dawson was based somewhat on Kevin Williamson’s life. Now that Kevin is gone on to other projects, how has that affected the show and in what way?

Lady: I think it’s changed. Don’t you? I mean-

Josh: Dawson’s dead! (his hand is on Katie’s knee and she is laughing) If he’s gone there’s no more life!

Lady: Ever the comedian.

Josh: On my God, Dawson is a zombie! (katis is still laughing)

Lady: Alright, come on.

Katie: Yes. His departure has not gone unnoticed um…by any means, but um…fortunately we have a great team of writers on board and uh-

Josh: Our new head writer is-

Katie: Fantastic.

Josh: What could be deemed as protégé of Kevin’s. So we have- the standard has been passed from father to son and those things- the apprentice has now taken up the mantle of Kevin. So you have to ask James more really, more than any one else. (Katie nods)

Lady: I think it’s brought the show back on track quite a bit. Now this season your two characters are really had to have mushy scenes together and the fact that you’ve been dating in real life*, how does that affect your on screen relationship? Is it you know, different? Does it help? I know it’s a touchy question, but why don’t you guys go ahead and answer it for the fans at least.

Lady and

Dude: Come on Josh.

Josh: Any personal relationship that you have with somebody on set only aides you in working with them. The closer you are to somebody, the easier it is to act so…as you can tell, we get along pretty well.

Dude: A lot of our teenage viewers would like to know what goes on behind the scenes of Dawson’s Creek. After you guys are done shooting, do you guys get together? Do you uh…need your space? What are you gonna do here? Tell us about it.

Josh: I think the answer here is that it’s both yes and no and answering like that I should run for office. (Katie laughs and nods)

Katie: That was really really deep.

Josh: It’s like…you’ve gotta picture it in these sort of terms. This is-you see the six, eight, ten people depending on what the episode is, but this is really a family of ninety people down here and we ninety people spend nine months a year working together so…

Katie: At least.

Josh: yeah.

Katie: How many hours a week would you say?

Josh: Well, the people who really work, not us-

Katie: Yeah (laughs) the crew.

Josh: seventy to eighty hours a week, but we might work ten to twenty hours a week. That’s exhausting. (they laugh) So there are times when you are bonded at the hip and there are times when yeah, you do need your space. That’s just natural. It’s like being in a family.

Katie: Yeah. Exactly. Sibling..somewhat…

Lady: Down in Wilmington, you both are far away from home, Josh, you especially, far away from Vancouver. Do you guys ever get back home?

Katie: I miss Vancouver.

Josh: I miss Vancouver.

Katie: You’re supposed to say I miss Toledo. (she hits him with elbow again)

Josh: I miss Toledo too, but I miss Vancouver more. (They both smile)

Katie: What about me? (laughs) No, but we could get home every now and then.

Josh: Well, Wilmington (oints at a spot) Toledo (points a finger closeby) Wilmington (same finger) Vancouver (he puts his finger out of the screen) OK? I’m not even on the screen right now, am I?

Lady: Nope.

Josh: It’s up here. If you could see my arm, it would be up here in another-

Katie: They know where Vancouver is.

Josh: on the big pink thing on the top of the map. Up there.

Lady: way way west.

Josh: yes. Head west, the young man.

Dude: Josh, have you ever visited Katie’s hometown?

Josh: I have actually never been to Toledo. Well, I drove through Ohio, but I kinda skirted Toledo because I needed to get off the great lakes fast as possible and head here North to Wilmington.

Lady: Jamie, if I put Toledo on the map..(talks to Dude)

Josh: (sth here, I didn’t get it) Forget about it.

Katie: (repeats Josh and mouths something to him and they both smile)

Lady: Well, your show is doing really great here in Cleveland, Katie and Josh and we’re glad that you’re part of the show and we really enjoyed interviewing you today. Thanks for being with us and sharing a little bit of time with us. Appreciate you too. Talk to you later.

Josh and Katie: Thank you.

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