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Josh on Talk City (internet chat) – June 23, 1998

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Joshua Jackson, Actor

Join us to talk with Joshua Jackson, Pacey Witter on ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ Jackson’s big-screen debut was in Michael Bortman’s well-received 1991 film ‘Crooked Hearts.’ This was quickly followed by his central performance playing on the ragtag hockey team in the Disney hit films ‘The Mighty Ducks’ and ‘D2: The Mighty Ducks.’

Speaker: We’re chatting right now with “Dawson’s Creek” star Joshua Jackson!
Speaker: Welcome, Joshua! Glad you could be with us today! 🙂

Questions: dianeccc says: Thanks for joining us today Joshua, there are lots of fans here today! What’s in store for Pacey Witter this year?

JJackson: To tell you the truth, I can’t really answer what’s in store
JJackson: for Pacey! The writers get to choose what I get to do for
JJackson: the year, we only get the scripts a week in advance.
JJackson: There’ll be possibly a new love interest, and there’ll
JJackson: be some stuff with my brother and my father, but the
JJackson: scripts aren’t written yet, and they’re certainly
JJackson: not going to give them to me yet. 🙂

Questions: seena says: Do you like being an actor?

JJackson: Yes, I love being an actor!
JJackson: It’s great work if you can get it.

Questions: ruby26 says: Are you from Canada and if so what part of Canada?

JJackson: Yes, I am from Canada, and I hail from beautiful
JJackson: British Columbia. 🙂

Questions: jmj01 says: How has your stardom affected your life? And do you like it?

JJackson: Well… I’m not really a star yet. In the grand scheme
JJackson: of things I’m pretty low on the totem pole. It’s great being
JJackson: on a show that’s successful and well-received, but my life
JJackson: hasn’t changed much since the beginning of Dawson’s Creek.
JJackson: I can still go out in public, and it’s given me more
JJackson: opportunities for other work – that’s the biggest way
JJackson: it’s affected my life.

Questions: sweet_revenge says: Do you miss living in Vancouver?

JJackson: Yeah, absolutely. As wonderful as my job is, it’s one
JJackson: of the great tests. I really, really miss living in Vancouver.

Questions: jeffersonairplane says: You were Charlie in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…one of my most favorite movies!!!! Was it fun starring in that movie? How did they make the chocolate river, and all the other types of wonderful effects?

JJackson: I was Charlie Bucket the first time that Roald Dahl
JJackson: ever let Charlie be staged professionally. It was marvelous,
JJackson: I’m a huge Roald Dahl fan. He came and saw the performance
JJackson: and wrote us a wonderful letter. It was great! But it
JJackson: was on stage, not for the film. 🙂

Questions: monalisa98 says: what was the first acting job you had?

JJackson: The first time I was really acting was in Crooked Hearts.
JJackson: I started working on my eleventh birthday. I was playing
JJackson: in a family melodrama.

Questions: chandla says: Dawson’s Creek is defiantly my favorite show right now, mainly due to it’s realistic view of high school lives…..when you were Pacey’s age, did you have some of the same problems and complications that either Pacey or the others are facing?

JJackson: I never had the benefit of having an affair with my
JJackson: beautiful English teacher – and thank you for watching! But
JJackson: I think one of the successes of the show is that it
JJackson: shows high school the way it really is. I always resented feeling
JJackson: condescended to in the shows I watched when I was a
JJackson: teenager – and I just turned twenty; it’s still very fresh.

Questions: monalisa98 says: is there going to be another mighty ducks movie and if so are you going to be in it again?

JJackson: I don’t know. Every once in a while the guys from Ducks
JJackson: will call me up with a rumor. But if there’s another one, chances
JJackson: are I wouldn’t be in it because I’m getting a little old
JJackson: to be a Mighty Duck at this point. 🙂

Questions: wild_things says: is Emilio Estevez funny we liked u in it it was a cool film

JJackson: Yeah, Emilio is really funny. In fact he’s probably the
JJackson: greatest influence in my professional life. He’s so classy
JJackson: and has such a professional demeanor. He was great to
JJackson: us and would take us out on the weekend. He’s a really
JJackson: good guy.

Questions: cute says: are you ever on the internet in like chat rooms

JJackson: No, actually. I bought a computer after the season, but
JJackson: I haven’t been in one place long enough to get it set up
JJackson: yet. When I get back to North Carolina, I do have an
JJackson: email account set up to stay in touch with my little sister.

Questions: juliets13 says: what’s your favorite band?

JJackson: Common Sense or Gang Starr, I guess.

Questions: munkee_16 says: Hey Joshua………What’s It Like Getting To Kiss The Vry Beautiful Katie Holmes?

JJackson: It was just fabulous! I enjoyed it thoroughly! 🙂

Questions: kasey101 says: Do you like being a star and getting all the attention of young girls?

JJackson: Like I said, I’m not really a star, and the only young girl
JJackson: who really pays me attention is my young sis – so it’s great
JJackson: having her attention! 🙂

Questions: kungfusugar says: Do you play hockey in real life?

JJackson: Yes, absolutely. As often as possible. There’s no rink
JJackson: in North Carolina, so I don’t play down there. But next year
JJackson: I think I’ll check – they have a roller hockey team,
JJackson: so I’ll see if I can do that.

Questions: kasey101 says: I am a very big fan of yours I think you are a great young actor and I hope to meet you in person one day. How do you get into the business? I would love to get into acting and stuff like that,but I dont’ know how to. I am Leah Redman from Ludington Michigan

JJackson: Thank you – I appreciate the compliment.
JJackson: I got into the business doing stand-in work to see if
JJackson: I enjoyed what can be a tedious business. Once I found that
JJackson: I did enjoy all aspects of it, my mother, who is in
JJackson: the business was a big help. But be aware that anyone
JJackson: who wants to charge you to take your picture and say
JJackson: they’ll help you out is probably just out to take your money.

Questions: jmj01 says: I saw you recently w/ blonde hair, will it be like that for the show?

JJackson: No, the blonde hair was for two movies I did in
JJackson: the off-season. My hair is finally back to brown – all the
JJackson: blonde was chopped off just today.

Questions: sweet_revenge says: What is it like living with James?

JJackson: I don’t think we’re going to live together this
JJackson: year because I need to get a place for my dog. It was like
JJackson: the Odd Couple living together. He’s very neat and quiet.
JJackson: And I’m not. 🙂
JJackson: I have a 115 pound Lab/Ridgeback cross. Beast.
JJackson: We had a great apartment last year, but it’s not
JJackson: a place to have a dog of any size, in an apartment.
JJackson: They need a place to run around, ya know.

Questions: sweetstuf16 says: What kind of sports do you like other than hockey?

JJackson: I’m really partial to football, and I’m getting more
JJackson: and more into basketball as I get older. Both as
JJackson: a participant, and a spectator.

Questions: jmj01 says: What actor are you most looking forward to work w/ in any of your upcoming movies?

JJackson: I’ve finished work on both of the movies, and thoroughly
JJackson: enjoyed working with everyone. It was fun working with
JJackson: Ryan Felipe, and everything I’ve heard about him was
JJackson: true – he’s great. It’s been great to have professional
JJackson: experiences with other people my own age, although it’s
JJackson: good to work with older actors, because that’s where you learn.

Questions: kungfusugar says: Do you stay in contact with people from your past movies?

JJackson: Yes, I stay in contact with some people. Friendships that you
JJackson: make can cross over into your personal life, and some
JJackson: that you meet and enjoy, but don’t take home with you. There
JJackson: are certain people I still see from past work.

Questions: jmj01 says: Are you anything like your character on “Dawson’s Creek”?

JJackson: Yeah.. I’m quite a bit like my character on Dawson’s Creek.
JJackson: A lot of what you see on the screen is just my personality
JJackson: squeezed into whatever Pacey’s doing.

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Questions: ytrilf-21 says: How has acting changed your life?

JJackson: Acting has changed my life in as much that it keeps
JJackson: me away from home more than it used to.

Questions: monalisa98 says: Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

JJackson: There are so many different actors that I enjoy. I enjoy
JJackson: Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks – the strong male
JJackson: characters. You know… guys. 🙂

Questions: jaya_s says: I’m from BC. Are you going to be doing anything in this area anytime soon?

JJackson: Unfortunately no. As of July 15 I’ll be back at Dawson’s Creek
JJackson: and it takes 9 months to film the show. The only time I’ll
JJackson: be spending in Vancouver will be vacation time.

Questions: actro says: Do you draw from your own life as a teen, for the problems you face in the show?

JJackson: Yes, for all the performances I do. I don’t know where
JJackson: else I could possibly draw character references from. I draw
JJackson: from my own life things that relate to the things I’m doing.
JJackson: So the answer is yes. 🙂

Questions: jenibabe says: Jenibabe says:Will you be doing any movies soon ?

JJackson: I’ve just finished work on Cruel Inventions and Urban Legend,
JJackson: and Apt Pupil will be coming out too – all this fall or
JJackson: in January.

Questions: jomie says: What kind of roles are being offered to you now that you’re in an established hit show?

JJackson: A variety. Nothing’s really being offered to me, I still
JJackson: have to go out and get them. The two movies I did this year
JJackson: are completely divergent. The role in Apt Pupil is much
JJackson: like Pacey. It’s what keeps things interesting; to keep
JJackson: on doing different things.
JJackson: As long as I keep working. Everything is new and fun and
JJackson: challenging. There are no specific roles that I’d like to
JJackson: be doing. Everything is interesting and fun to me.

Questions: ^shy^ says: How did u get in the acting business?
Questions: sweet_revenge says: Do you ever come back to Vancouver to visit family?

JJackson: As often as possible. I was just there last week. 🙂
JJackson: I still live in Vancouver. When I’m not working, I’m in
JJackson: Vancouver.

Questions: acid says: is it hard to have a normal life since you are an actor?

JJackson: Not really. It’s much more mundane than people seem to
JJackson: assume. Roughly what I’m doing is akin to what I would
JJackson: be doing anyway going to University. I’m away 9 months a year,
JJackson: and when I’m on hiatus it’s the equivalent to being on summer
JJackson: break, and I go home. It’s much like a regular routine. You get
JJackson: up, do your work, go home, do homework, and go back and do
JJackson: the same thing the next day.

Questions: londonfm says: Everyone is abuzz with rumors of two new cast memebers for this fall, any hints?

JJackson: One face you’ll recognize. One face you won’t. And possibly
JJackson: even a third! 🙂

Questions: londonfm says: What is your favorite episode so far?

JJackson: I really enjoyed the breakfast club episode, or the
JJackson: hurricane episode. That was really good.
JJackson: The breakfast club one allowed us all to do very different
JJackson: things, and of course it was a great spoof and satire which
JJackson: I enjoyed. The hurricane episode included some really
JJackson: strong performances.
JJackson: The spoof part of the movie, taking little pot-shots at Emilio
JJackson: was fun. And the movies I like are good movies; well-made
JJackson: movies.

Questions: hesperides says: I don’t know if this has been asked you.. but do you believe your parents have been supportive of you in your acting, are they for it? or they’re not exactly for it, just letting you do your own thing?

JJackson: It’s parent singular. And my family is intensely supportive.
JJackson: My mother wants me and my sister both to do what we want to
JJackson: do. They’ve been very supportive, and have always stood by me.

Questions: cdngirlz says: where’s your favorite place in the world?

JJackson: Vancouver, B.C. 🙂
JJackson: It’s just about the most beautiful place you can possibly
JJackson: go to. You’re in the middle of the Cascades so you’re surrounded
JJackson: by magnificent mountains. There’s a protected bay, the ocean,
JJackson: everything’s green and lush, and just beautiful. 🙂

Questions: wallz says: You’re the most experienced of the Dawson’s Creek stars – do you think that’s made it easier or harder for you?

JJackson: I think that it’s definitely made it easier for me. I think
JJackson: there was a period of adaptation for all of them, and for me
JJackson: too, since I’ve never done anything on this scale. But
JJackson: having had 9 years experience prior to Dawson’s Creek
JJackson: helped me put it all into perspective. These things come,
JJackson: and these things go.

Questions: ^nighthawk^ says: Is there an official online site for Dawson’s Creek or Joshua Jackson?

JJackson: There’s one for Dawson’s Creek – one from WB, and one
JJackson: from Columbia Tri-star. I know there are no official websites
JJackson: for me – and I don’t think there are any for me at all! 🙂

Questions: jeffrey says: You have a recurring role in Champs. Do you think you’ll ever be a regular?

JJackson: Champs was cancelled 8 shows into its run, so I really
JJackson: doubt I’ll ever be a regular. 😉

Questions: opossum says: The show really gets into some sticky issues – what insights do you hope teens will get from what happens on the show?

JJackson: I hope that when you watch the show you can identify with
JJackson: what the kids on the show are doing, and identify within
JJackson: your own life. As far as insights go, if you can identify and
JJackson: relate to those problems, you can see how the people on the
JJackson: show would tackle the topic, and perhaps that will give you some
JJackson: new approach to dealing with the problem in your own life.
JJackson: And really, I hope people just enjoy watching the show.
JJackson: The whole idea is that we don’t have any message.
JJackson: Dawson’s Creek isn’t trying to present any moral in the
JJackson: show. We’re not Aesop’s Fables – we just try to present things
JJackson: in what we believe to be the most realistic fashion.

Questions: jeffrey says: The Outer Limits is a different type of role for you. What challenges do you face when you are shooting it?

JJackson: Just the fact that the character was much more buttoned-down
JJackson: than myself. Just trying to contain myself. Also, dealing
JJackson: with effects is difficult – it requires so much imagination,
JJackson: and takes a high degree of concentration (which is somewhat
JJackson: problematic for me).

Questions: kdaddie says: have you found any benefits in being a celebrity or do you miss your old regular life?

JJackson: There are definitely benefits to being a working actor,
JJackson: as opposed to being an out-of-work actor. But I’m not a star.
JJackson: It’s not that I can’t walk down the street. I don’t miss my
JJackson: old life because I still have my old life. I just don’t get
JJackson: to spend that much time at home, because I’m away at work.

Questions: uptotheminute says: What are your favorite books? What are you reading now?

JJackson: My favorite books are David Copperfield. I loved The Hobbit
JJackson: when I was younger. And The History of Western Philosophy.
JJackson: The last book read was Great Books, by David Denby.

Questions: cecy_13 says: How many brothers and/or sisters do you have? Are they in the show business too?

JJackson: I have one younger sister, whom I was raised with, and she’s
JJackson: still in school. I have two older half-brothers, although I’m
JJackson: not really in contact with them a lot. One is in show business, as
JJackson: a junior publicist. The other is a martial artist/fitness instructor.

Questions: rodman91_ says: what would you tell someone that wants to be an actor?

JJackson: I would tell them to work around the business before
JJackson: throwing yourself into acting, to be sure it’s something
JJackson: you enjoy. Work as an extra or a stand-in, and then if you
JJackson: like it pursue it. If it really is a passion for you, by all
JJackson: means. You should always seek to do the things you want to do.

Questions: debora says: i think the show sends such great messages do you have a favorite episode

JJackson: One of my favorite things about the show is that we’re
JJackson: not trying to send messages. There are no biases. The show
JJackson: is, in the classical sense, amoral. We’re not trying to preach;
JJackson: you have to make up your own mind. That’s the whole point.
JJackson: To encourage anyone – to stimulate your mind. It can be
JJackson: enjoyed on a facile level, but if you want to get into it
JJackson: it can spur discussion. Some people can like one aspect of
JJackson: the shows, and different people will like other aspects. It’s the
JJackson: great conceit of the show – that people really do have the
JJackson: intelligence to make up their own minds about stuff like this.

Questions: kdaddie says: Since you sudden rise to fame with Dawson’s Creek, is it hard to go out in public without getting recognized?

JJackson: It’s not hard at all. 🙂

Questions: cute says: Do you ever go and see your own films after they’re out in the theater

JJackson: I’ve watched everything I’ve been in, because that’s
JJackson: one of the best ways to learn. You can pick out little things that
JJackson: you did wrong, and that you did right. It’s difficult to watch
JJackson: yourself on screen. All you can do is criticize; you can’t
JJackson: really enjoy the show for what it really is. I just sit
JJackson: there and make notes to get better for the future.

Questions: dianeccc says: Joshua thanks for joining us, you’ve been wonderful! Is there anything else you’d like to say before we close?

JJackson: Just thanks to everyone for all the questions!
JJackson: We appreciate the support at Dawson’s Creek, and please
JJackson: continue to watch! If you keep watching, we’ll keep making
JJackson: the show! 🙂

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