Joshua Jackson

Face Time w/Jamie Kennedy – May 10, 2001

Thanks to Heather for transcribing this.

Jaime Kennedy: Josh, Thanks for coming

Joshua Jackson: Thanks man no problem

Jaime: Wow your all dressed up!

Josh: What do you mean dressed up this is just my normal everyday attire, not for you huh?

Jaime: nah

{ha ha}

Jaime: So if you guys didn’t notice Josh and me were actually in a movie together, member the first thing we did?

Josh: Yah well I really didn’t work much on that show I was kinda there for a sec and then GONE.

Jaime: HaHa you played like spaced out kid number 2

Josh: Yah number 2 haha

Jaime: and I was like gay kid number 4

Jaime: didn’t you do a movie with Glen Close or was that just ….

Josh: Yah yah I did

Jaime: Oh you did

Josh: Yah The Safety of Objects, yah it was very cool to get to work with Glen Close, I was her son

Jaime: Wow how was that?

Josh: Well the bulk of the movie I was in a coma, which is actually some of my best work

{ha ha}

Jaime: so is there any movies any parts?

Josh: well I all ready missed out on “Darth Vator”, so its kinda all down hill from there

{ha ha}

Jaime: so you just finished a movie

Josh: Yah just finished called “Lone Star State of Mind,” and finished the 4th season of Dawson’s Creek. Now like every other actor in Hollywood I’m unemployed for a while.

Jaime: all right buddy

{they shake hands}

Jaime: Look for Joshua coming up in “Lone star State of Mind”

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