Joshua Jackson

Conan O’Brien – May 14 2002

Thanks to Tessa, formally of Josh and DC

Conan: In addition to such films as Cruel Intentions and The Skulls, my next guest one of the stars of Dawson’s Creek, which will air it’s season finally tomorrow night on the WB, please welcome Joshua Jackson.

Josh comes out and waves to the audience before shaking hands and sitting down next to Conan.

Conan: Very nice to have you here.

Josh: Thank you for having me back.

Conan: You know this show Dawson’s Creek, young people just love this show, but now you got this situation to figure out, is this show going to go on like, you know like 90210, it went on for a looong time, (Josh laughs), and in the later seasons they were like “Dylan come back”

Josh says something in a funny voice that sounds like “I’ll get you Joey”.

They laugh.

Conan: So that thing were it’s great it’s successful, how many more seasons do you think?

Josh: Ah, truthfully I think next season might actually be our last season, because we are getting to be the wise old men of the WB, 23 they put you on departure (makes a little face)

Conan: The WB likes to keep them real young.

Josh: Yeah, it’s like 14 is the cut off age, after that you are just out the door.

Conan: Right, if they see that beard you are fired (Josh has a little beard).

Josh: (laughs) Exactly, you gone (points with his hand)

Conan: You know, we were checking out the websites for your show, it turns out there are 20 000 websites for Dawson’s Creek.

Josh: And not a single one has the word cloaka (?) on it. (They laugh)

Conan: As it shows up on everyone of our websites (guess he is talking about the sites for Conan)

Josh laughs and put his hand in his face.

Conan: This is where it get’s interesting, there are people who say to me, “Oh do you look at your websites?” and you know, I don’t wanna, it’s too weird, what about for you, I mean..?

Josh: Yeah, you know, the average 23, just about to be 24 year old guy, when he goes on to the internet sites, it’s a porn thing, so if I was to be go on looking at pictures of myself, (does a thing with his fingers and a look on his face), weird thing.

Conan: It’s gets kind of weird.

Josh: Not a good place to go psychologically, I don’t think.

Conan: So you just avoid those sites all together, and also they say, people say really weird things too.

Josh: (in a funny voice) it’s very hurtful.

Conan: They are probably not hurtful to you, I get “man what a fat head”, you know. Might trace it back to my hometown. But…

Josh: That’s just not nice. (drinks something out of a cup)

Conan: But it would be a big ego boost (?) for you I think, to just know that there, that you guys have that many fans.

Josh: Yeah, you know, I’m irish catholic, I have a lot of family members, that’s a lot of websites.

Conan: Yes. You are also in sugar magazine, Britain’s best selling girls magazine, which I subscribe to, I didn’t even now you were in this (laughs). We didn’t go looking for this, I was just paging threw Sugar, like “I love that top” and then “what the, that’s Joshua Jackson. Look at this photo, these are the kind of photos that you get to do (shows a photo with Josh on the beach in jeans jacket and he has Shumba with him), isn’t that cool, that is you and your dog, right?

Josh: That’s me and Shumba, yeah.

Conan: You know, I think that’s good, but I think it’s not as good as my Tiger beat photo (shows a picture of Conan and a white fluffy cat).

(Josh makes a little face and everyone laughs and applauds).
Josh: I remember that chute actually, cause I have the subscription to Tiger beat.

Conan: Yeah. (laughs)

Josh: I thought that was a interesting direction (or something like that).

Conan: You were just shipping through, like…

Josh: Ohhh Conan.

Conan: Where is the gang from Hometown, oh it’s Conan. But now…

Josh: Britney, Britney, Conan, Britney, Britney.

Conan: Right, can’t they leave me alone those people. A, you are done shooting in North Carolina for the season.

Josh: Finished for the year, yeah.

Conan: Ok, you guys shoot in this…

Josh point to the audience and says: I think someone either died or lives in NC.

Conan: Someone was just like, yeeep me. I would think in the small town that you shoot in North Carolina, that you, you can’t go anywhere and just be yourself, because anyone on that cast, on the Dawson’s cast sticks our like a soar thumb.

Josh: Well…we blend in pretty well, except for the occasionally times like, you know after Canada won the gold medal and me and my friend Wez, who’s from Vancouver where running around the downtown with a Canadian flag screaming GOOOLD!, out of the top of our lungs.

Conan: Right.

Josh: That doesn’t help the blending in part. Especially with the other part of the town going silver silver. (Laughs)

Conan: So, actually when the police get a call that there is a Canadian running around, there’s only two.

Josh: There’s only two.

Conan: And they know where to find you.

Josh: They come to my house and are like “Josh, this has to stop”.

Conan: Now speaking of, you said childhood friend, you just went back home and bought your childhood home, is that right?

Josh: Yeah, all of my first memories are in this house, in California and the man who bought the house from my father 16 years ago, sold it to me in January and I’ve just been moving back into this house. Which is literally the house that I left, nothing in the place has changed since then. Stickers that I put on my childhood window when I was a kid, they are still there and it’s this guy Arnie who sold it to me, it’s been an incredible thing, imagine going back, literally of you go back to your home

Conan: It’s like a time machine.

Josh: Totally, it’s exactly the way I left it. I found my GI Joes (?) under the deck the other day.

Conan: No

Josh: I swear to God.

Conan: You found your GI Jones?

Josh: I found two GI Joe’s buried under the deck. What was I doing playing under the deck? I don’t know, but apparently I was having a good time.

Conan: This is kind of strange but, it would bring up a lot of good stuff, but also you are an adult now, and now you are living in your childhood home. Is there anything that is kind of weird?

Josh: It is a little creepy sleeping in my parents bedroom. This part is kind of creeping me out, I actually had to sleep in my bedroom for the first couple of nights, because I wasn’t quite ready to be in mom and dads room. But you know, it’s my house now, screw them.

Conan: They are outside “we have no where to live” (laughs) You are like “sorry suckers” And also, if you bring a girl by, now that’s got to be a little weird cause you are still associating this with being a kid.

Josh: (funny voice) And then you come to the bedroom, this is where my parents used to sleep. Yeah that would be odd, mother is upstairs.

Conan: That’s very strange. I’m glad I brought the most uncomfortable area. But wait a minute, what about this, so you are going to stay there, so who has had the house since you moved out?

Josh: It’s just this one guy who sold it to me, Arnie Castell (?) he was a pitcher for the White sox. And when he retired (something I couldn’t here)….in California and he literally bought it from my father when my parent’s divorced and he sold it back to me 16 years later.

Conan: It’s cool that he left your stickers on the window, and that they are still there.

Josh: (funny voice) sounds like he’s saying “Backstreet Boys forever”

Conan: The season finale for DC airs tomorrow night at 8 on the WB.

Josh: Yeah.

Conan: And then you guys are back next season.

Josh: Yeah.

Conan: Hey, thanks so much for coming by, always great to have you here.

(Josh thanks Conan and they shake hands and Conan says)

Conan: Funny man Joshua Jackson.

(Screams and applauds)

Conan: Joshua Jackson! We’ll take a break…….)

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