Joshua Jackson

Coachelle Festival – April 30 2006

Lady Interviewer: Who did you come to see?

Josh Jackson: Well, I came to see a bunch of people, which is the great thing about Coachella, and a bunch of bands that I’ve never been able to see live before. Uh, so yesterday we tried to catch Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and today we want to go see Gnarls Barkley, wanna see Sleater-Kinney, which means (looks at his watch) I gotta get myself together and get over there pretty soon.

LI: So, who um, who are you really impressed by, their performance? [sic]

JJ: Everybody. I’ve never seen My Morning Jacket, they were pretty excellent, yesterday. Kanye is always good, Common was great. Uh, who else was great last night? Let’s see…well the Clap Your Hands show was good. There’s just no bad music here. (Starts to talk with his hands) And I love that they pull in so many different kinds of music into this festival. So, it’s sort of a modern festival than just straight rock-n-roll and straight hip-hop.

LI: How many years have you been coming now?

JJ: This is only my second time. I’m not an Angelino, I’m a Canadian, so this is not my native festival.

LI: Right. So, what are you doing, where are you living? What are you working on, that sort of thing?

JJ: I am living in Topanga Canyon, which is just outside of L.A. I am…

LI: What is the exact address?

JJ: *laughs* Yes, exactly! (Looks at the camera) Come on over! I should be back in a day or two.

JJ: Uh, I… just finished a movie called, “Bobby”, which’ll probably be coming out in the fall. And a movie called “Aurora Borealis” coming out in the fall…

LI: Is that the one about JFK?

JJ: RFK. *laughs*

LI: Oh, sorry! Why don’t you tell me about that, what’s it like?

JJ: It’s, I haven’t seen it yet…but the story is the last day of his life, leading up to his assassination as told through the eyes of , something like 20-25 characters but not him. So, you see what everyone else was doing that day, and of course as an audience you know how — you know what the big pay off at the end is. But it’s an amazing cast that they got together, and Emilio Estevez who wrote it, also directed it, so I’m pretty excited about that film.

LI: So what do you like most about making that movie?

JJ: Well, I mean the ability to… One, I’ve worked with Emilio before, so it was nice to go back and work with him as a director as apposed to an actor. But there was so many different actors on the set, so, the set work was fun, but you know, you get to sit around during the day and everyone gets to tell their stories which is the most fun part I think about being on set.

LI: And I know you gotta run, so I won’t keep you. But um, did you get anything from the lounges?

JJ: *Shrugs shoulders and makes a adoring face* Of…. Me? Schwag? Never!!!

*raises his arm to show off a snazzy new watch while talking* I would never do anything like that! I am so principled about these things… *laughs*

LI: Did you get a DKNY Jeans watch?

JJ: I got a DKNY Jeans watch, I got a cell phone for my lil sister, they hooked me up.

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