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“Castaways” Outtakes – Season 6

Day 3 out of 7 days

Clip One

Scene – Pacey’s BMW driving in a Boston Suburb

Josh (off camera): It’s going to be a lot of fun tonight, isn’t it?

Katie (off camera): It wasn’t directed at you.

Josh (off camera): Sparky? Sparky? Can I call you “Bubbles”?

Katie (off camera): *sigh*

Josh (off camera): *giggles*

Director (off camera): Back to one!

Josh (to the camera): Back, back to one fellas!

Josh: (to Director) You want camera to go back to one?

Josh (to the camera): Back to one fellas! Go away! (motions for them to leave) Go! Go! Could you go back?

Josh (off camera): Okay, I think we’re set. You guys set?

Director (off camera): Set!

Josh (off camera): Okay, we’re set.

Director (off camera): Uh…let’s cut it.

Josh (off camera): But…but I thought we were set…(silly sad voice)

Josh (off camera – singing): “Cat Scratch Fever”!!! – guitar sound: “near-near-near-near”

Josh (off camera in a scary southern voice): Ms. Holmes, I just wanna tell you, you sure do have a pretty mouth. I’ve been watching your movies…forever…

(Josh and Katie doing a scene from Castaways)

Josh (to Katie in a Billy Crystal impersonation): Man the timing, you were so good! Your timing was fantabulous!

Katie (off camera): Now we’re rolling, right? Now we’re being recorded, right?

Josh: We were being recorded the whole time.

Katie (off camera): No we weren’t!

Josh: In [net?] speed.

Katie: (whispers) They heard what we said? Shit! That wasn’t on, was it? [sic] *giggles* Did they?

Josh (giggles): Can we just focus on me for a second, here? (giggles)

Josh (to Katie): Just got to and they have all the rules on there. You can actually type in your question, they’ll write you back. It’s the only good about, because the rest is obtuse.

Katie (coughs): hehe, that was gross. *giggles*

Katie (whispers): I’m so excited.

Josh has a HUGE sneeze…

Katie: Bless you!

Josh: and then hits his head on the steering wheel, stops and laughs.

Director (off camera): Action!

Katie: (giggles – then to Josh says): It kinda made my day!

Josh: *silly sigh*

Katie: What?! *giggles*

Josh: Nothing! *smiles*

Katie: Doesn’t that make you…

Josh: Absolutely! It makes me giggle! It just beautiful!

Katie: I told my sister not to call when ‘Aunt Katie’ is floating at the top of the tank. *laughs*

Katie: It kinda made my day!

Josh: Absolutely! It’s beautiful.

(scene starts with Joey asking about the seat warmers to Pacey)

Joey/Katie: Well my lower half….*giggles* thanks you..*giggles*

Pacey/Josh: *giggles* Your lower half thanks me! Cause I climbed up the social economic ladder, right?

Katie: *giggles* I just got the giggles.

Katie: My sister…and then they [some other celeb] left like 10 minutes before with an entourage of 20 people, it was kinda tacky.

Josh: Left before the movie was over? Well that’s fucked up!

Katie: She had to leave to avoid people crowding her I guess. I guess that’s a sign of being a superstar!

Josh: Riiiiight.

Katie: Riiiiiight. Riiiiiight.

(Josh stops. Looks at the camera) And that’s all folks! *waves*

Katie: But I mean, it’s just like, I told him, I said that a year after we wrap I probably won’t even rememb…it’ll just be a thing, a figment of my…I don’t know. *shrugs* I won’t make contact.

Josh: Yeah, you don’t know anything personal about the guy. *mumbles something inaudible*

Katie: Well, I don’t care.

(a scene ends, Josh stops, stares at the camera annoyingly, then to Katie. Leans in and looks at her, she stares and nods her head.)

It’s a sign that they are done and tired of filming this scene.

Clip Two

During game playing sequence

Josh (off camera): “If the commercial I saw for that show is any indication? Yes, absolutely, I mean it was laughably, jokingly bad….that guy’s pretty brutal.”

Josh (doing his lines): “The real answer is that I currently have everything in my life that I can possibly want. With the exception of one thing.”

Katie: “And what is that?”

Josh: “A big, beautiful sailor!” (Katie, crew laugh)

Josh (facing camera, Katie’s back to camera): “They’re huge in Denmark, or Iceland, or wherever the fuck they’re from. (Katie, Josh laughing). They’re gonna be massive. Just wait.”

Josh (back to camera, Katie facing camera, talking about who knows what) “Whoa…”

Katie: “Yeah, whoa is right.”

(Director calls for marks)

Josh (to cameraman) “Ahhhh, are you seeing this? (something on his battleship board).

Cameraman: “Yes.”

Josh: “Well, that shouldn’t be there then….”

Josh: (back to camera) “Months when it was going down…”

Katie: (making funny face) “Oh, he did?”

Josh: “It wouldn’t be good.”

Katie: (laughing) “Oh, right, right, right, right…”

Right before razor sequence. Totally off camera, but we hear them singing:

Katie: “I shot the sheriff…”

Josh: “Wop, wop…”

Katie: “But I did not shoot the deputy.”

Josh: “All I know, but I swear it was in self-defense…”

Filming part of scene right before Pacey runs away with razor.

Josh: “But I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

Katie: “Oh, please….(Josh starts to run and steps on her foot) “OW!”

Josh: (running away, laughing) “Shit, I’m sorry….”

Totally off camera

Katie: “We can do it, Josh.”

Josh (not hearing her): “Hmmm?”

Katie (whispering lower) “We can do it?”

Josh (still not hearing, then suddenly getting it) “What? We, can…Oh, (in Spanish accent) we can do it!”

Again, off camera

Katie: “I have to tell you something, about pizza.”

Josh: “Ok.”

Katie: “After this.”

Josh (in nerdy voice): “It’s really very tasty? I already knew that.”

Off camera

Josh (to Katie): “Have you ever seen Office Space? Because you’re sounding quite a bit like one of the characters in Office Space right now.”

Katie: “Me?”

Josh (doing lines from the movie): “I could just burn the building down right now…No, you can’t do that…alright, I’m just gonna…”

Katie: “Well, it’s true.”

Josh (still doing imitation) “Ok…I’m gonna kill you all….(laughing)”

Josh (crossing in front of camera to get to mark): “I know…I’m just waiting for the big man to move. He reminds me of my father. Not that father, but the other father….”

Katie: “Daddy?”

Josh (doing RainMan voice): “No, the bad touch father…”

Katie: “Oh stop…”

Josh: “That’s a bad touch, definitely a bad touch…”

Filming Joey leading Pacey away with the shaving cream. Josh does “Star Wars/Darth Vadar Death Star” music…..

Josh, walking away from camera, clapboard goes down, Josh starts to run to get to mark…(with Canadian accent) “Oh, Jesus…oh, too late..”

Katie (mock scolding): “See, you, are not good with your marks!”

(Someone on the crew laughingly agrees with her and says “Not at all.”)

Filming same scene as above

Katie: “Move it, back it up….(in German accent) I’m going to put it all over your face, then watch you take off each and every…”

(Starts to crack up as Josh turns around, gives her a look and starts laughing)

Josh: “You have been having the most incredible double entrendres tonight!”

Josh, walking away from camera to do this scene again, singing:

“Hello, my baby, hello, my honey…hello my ragtime gal…”

(Director yells action, then suddenly yells no, no, no when a crew member is seen walking past an aisle at the other end of store)

Josh screams: “Oh! God! Don’t do that to me again!”

Director calls action again.

Josh (mocking tone): “Are you sure?”

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