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“Appetite for Destruction” Deleted Scene – Season 5

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Pacey: You guys? I’m sorry to interrupt, but I really gotta get crackin’ on that third course.

Audrey: Ooh, good ’cause I’m starving!

Pacey: Well good, there’s fresh meat out there.

Audrey: Ooh, the Grams?

Pacey: No, the Charlie.

Audrey: Oh, the jerk? That’s not fun. Is he cute?

Pacey: Well he’s not really my type, why don’t you go see for yourself?

Audrey: Okay but don’t worry my heart stays with you.

Pacey: *snicker*

Joey: So, you didn’t call Charlie to take the heat off did you?

Pacey: Oh, if I was only capable of such genius, no the guy just showed up on his on accord.

Joey: The hits just keep on comin’.

Pacey: You know, when I offered to show off my cooking skills for you, I gotta say, this is not the evening that I had envisioned.

Joey: It’s kinda tragic isn’t it? I finally get a chance to discover that your culinary talents do extend beyond dialing the pizza man, and its come to this.

Pacey: Well I’ll make it up to you, how ‘bout it?

Joey: Well if its any consolation, I think that a few dishes would have tempted me tonight.

Pacey smiles.

Pacey: well hardly anyone can score up a salad, wanna chop some tomatoes?

Joey: Given my options, like you wouldn’t believe!

*walks over to cut tomatoes*

Joey: So pretty much everything I could say right now makes me the biggest hypocrite of all time.

Pacey: Well there’s no censorship between the two of us, that’s part of the deal. And you are human Jo, you’re allowed to have a reaction.

Joey: Yeah, but maybe I’m not. I mean, how can I be angry, I don’t have any claim on him. Just like he didn’t have any claim on me, nothing that extends beyond outdated childhood pacts. Still, sometimes people get hurt anyway I guess. I don’t really need to tell you that, you were there.

Pacey: Yes I was. Which is why I know better than anyone, how you punished yourself for things that were beyond your control. And you know better than anyone that sometimes, you just wake up morning and all the sudden you see someone in a different light.


I honestly would hate to think how different my life would be if possibilities like that didn’t exist.


Joey: You know, its so not your job to make me feel better, but I really appreciate it Pace.

Pacey: Alright look, you’re allowed to be upset, you’re allowed to hide in the kitchen, you’re even allowed to shun my cooking, but you’re Not Allowed to Tell Me How Much I Get to Care about You.


Pacey: So, let’s recap here shall we? We have an adulterer at the door, we have a table full of insatiable people; you wanna help me serve this third course or what?

They both smile big. Scene ends on Joey’s smile.

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