Joshua Jackson

Interview Transcripts

An on-going project here at, was to help those that would like to know what was said during those live interviews and specials that you may see on TV or online. Below are a small sample of what we’ve compiled and transcribed ourselves (or some of our pals!) for your enjoyment! The list will grow as time goes by, and we’d love any donations of transcripts that you’ve compiled! We hope these help you!

Script Date
Interview with Josh at Coachella Festival April 30, 2006
So, Graham Norton July 1, 2003
Conan O’Brien May 14 2002
The Big Breakfast (UK) March 2002
The London Eye March 2002
Face Time w/Jamie Kennedy May 10, 2001
Saturday Night Live March 2000
Josh on Talk City (internet chat) June 23, 1998

Katie Holmes & Josh Jackson

Script Date
“Appetite for Destruction” Deleted Scene (Season 5)
“Castaways” Outtakes (Season 6)
Season 4 Interview: Los Angeles, California September 29 2000
Season 4 Interview: Cleveland, Ohio September 29 2000
Season 4 Interview: Phoenix, Arizona September 29 2000

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