Joshua Jackson

On His Family

Joshua Jackson: On His Family

“I have a cool mother. She’s sort of a liberal intellectual feminist.”

“My proudest moment? Probably paying for my sister to go to a good school. One of the best days I’ve had in years was when she graduated high school. There’s just the three of us – my sister, my mother and myself – and it was beautiful to watch her walk across and receive her diploma. That was my proudest day.”

“Growing up the only guy in a two-woman household has been beneficial to me in my relationships with women.”

“My mother raised two children entirely by herself, which was spectacular of her. I didn’t grow in a house that catered to fashion. It was more about function.”

“It turns out I’m much more nostalgic than I thought.” (after buying his childhood home)

“I think it’s important for the media to portray all kinds of families, even if they don’t fit into the mom/dad/two kids mold.”

“My sister’s very strong-headed too, which is a pain in my ass, I’ll admit, but I’m from a family where you’re not only expected to hae an opinion but be able to defend it.”

“My mother worked in the film industry for 20 years before I ever started… so I had the benefit of having her experience. She taught me how it was the be on and around sets and respect the others most of the time.”

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