Joshua Jackson

His Career

Joshua Jackson: On His Career

“I try to move on knowing that I can’t always be successful and sometime I may fail. My goal is to keep the non-success rate always lower that the success one.”

“I think everybody–no matter what position you are in life you are always being tempted to stray from your own ideals, from your own path. It’s crucial that you don’t wander–even though sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you fail. Given my own recent history, I can tell you there is all kinds of pressure to join and be one of the crowd and to sacrifice what it is you believe. It makes it much more difficult to walk your own path. But I think you have to try.”

“As a struggling, unemployed 18-year-old who had no idea what was going on in his life and (who had) the general 18-year-old male malaise of being angry and pissed off at no one in particular but everyone in general — to go from that to having a job that I enjoy so much — it gave me a positive platform from which to move into the next phase of my life with confidence.”

“As an actor, [building a false relationship with someone] I’ve actually learned that the only way to do it, is to fall in love a bit.”

“The future is a blank slate so why sit here and say, “I’m going to do x, y and z,” and then give yourself an ulcer when you don’t hit those marks?”

“Let’s be honest, I’m happy cause I got the girl.”

“I don’t feel that I need to play characters who are role models for young people. If you are only good, you leave them to explore the bad on their own.”

“I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about me playing the stud. I don’t think that’s ever going to be a concern.”

“I like laughing when I’m at work; I like falling in love with the girl. Maybe I’m just a big softie.”

“Only an absolute idiot would turn down the opportunity to work with Steven Soderbergh. If they need another cameo, I’m their huckleberry.”

“My personal life is much more important to me than my professional life and my self-worth isn’t based on whether or not I act. I love acting but I’m also looking into the great wide open at this as-yet-unpainted mural that will be my life. Whether or not it involves the movie business I’m not sure. I’m much more interested in becoming a good man than in becoming a good actor.”

“If you get arrested in front of people you work with, you’re going to get slack for it on Monday.”

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