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Paul’s Review

Paul – Review of “A Life in the Theatre”

April 26, 2005 – Apollo Theatre – London, UK

I went to see “A Life in the Theatre” tonight and thought I’d give you a guy’s perspective on the production. Overall, it’s a good performance by both Josh Jackson and Patrick Stewart. Patrick has the much bigger part verbally, but Josh’s facial expressions get some of the biggest laughs. It starts as I would imagine his first couple of performances would have, with the Josh playing the part of a nervous, but enthusiastic actor, who is willing to learn. As the play goes on you see him change from the person eager to take advice from Patrick Stewart’s character into someone who you see becoming increasingly tiresome of him. I think Josh plays this very well. I thought Patrick Stewart’s performance was very good and I’m sure Josh has learnt a huge amount from him. The chemistry between the 2 actors is very evident in the comic exchanges, the excellent timing between them both, and even at the end the way in which Josh very subtlety checks Patrick is bowing before he does. Some of the ladies in the audience saw his costume changes on stage as particular favourites I thought…..well from the whistles I got that impression! There was a particular scene when Josh is playing the part of a carer for the very elderly Mr Stewart, and he walks to a window at the front of the stage and gazes out of it talking about the weather, and how he loves the window. He looks as though he gazing into the eyes of a young girl in the balcony, and from her reaction and that of her girlfriends I think she thought the same. In summary I thoroughly enjoyed the play. I won’t bore you with explaining the plot in depth as this has been done far better than I could ever do by others.


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