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Naoms’ Review

Naoms – Experience at “A Life in the Theatre”

I am not going to review the play because I’m not a theatre critic, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very funny in parts, but also achieves a poignancy at the end that is both touching and powerful. Patrick Stewart’s performance was faultless- he is a classy actor and has enormous stage presence. A formidable act for Josh to play opposite, but one that he excels at. And I’m not just saying that because I’m an obsessed fan! While his part is not as demanding, he plays it to its full potential. His comic timing is perfect- much of his part is ‘reacting’ to the character that Stewart plays and he does this incredibly well. Facial expressions, body language and tone of voice are such an important part of his role as it is through these, rather than actual dialogue, that much of his character is conveyed- and Josh achieves this beautifully in my opinion. He makes it look effortless.

The audience was very receptive to the play. No joke fell flat- there were belly laughs and twitters throughout the performance and every time Josh undressed, there were audible gasps, sighs and general sounds of appreciation! Patrick and Josh came out to bow to an admiring audience no less than three times.

When I arrived at the stage door there was already a crowd of around fifty people there. Around twenty minutes after the play, Josh emerged out the door.  It was freezing cold and snowing- but he still stayed signing autographs for at least 15 minutes, and didn’t leave until everyone who wanted an autograph got one. He seemed so down to earth and willing to spend time doing that for his fans. Everyone agreed that this was so gracious and courteous of him- especially as it was so cold, and his car was there the entire time waiting for him. Unfortunately I was unable to really interact with him as I had to share him with too many people (darn!) but  I was leaning over desperately trying to thrust my Programme into his hands when his beautiful blue eyes caught mine and he leaned over to get my Programme. I thanked him profusely for signing it and he was all ‘no problem’ giving me a winning smile that melted my heart, I certainly didn’t feel the cold! When he had finished and walked towards his car, my friends and I were right up against him and seeing him about to climb into his car and drive out of my life I felt compelled to shout something, anything. So I (stupidly and pathetically) shouted ‘Enjoy the rest of your time in London!’ to which he looked my way and replied ‘Thank you’. I felt a little silly. Of all the things to say! But still he heard me. He climbed into his car and waved through the window at us all as he was driven away. He was a real sweetie.

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