Joshua Jackson

Claire’s Review

Review for performance on: April 24, 2005 – London, UK

My best friend and I went to see the play yesterday and we got to the theatre a bit early (after getting incredibly lost which is very embarrassing because I used to live in London!) and decided to see if we could catch Josh before the play started. We waited around for a while and eventually saw him walking down the street towards the theatre (She later commented on how she thought he looked tired) but he wouldn’t stop to sign any autographs but the play was due to start in about 40 minutes so we just thought he was running late! Oh, and just after he went in one of the windows above us opened so we thought it might have been him… doubtful I know. (Although I really hope it wasn’t because everyone else left so there was only the two of us in the street and he would have heard every word of our conversation!)

My best friend is into acting and so she wanted to see the play as much as I did, even though she isn’t much of a Josh fan. To start with, Josh seemed a little put off, which backed up our belief that he was running late! This soon subsided and after a couple of minutes he seemed to relax into the role. We soon got into the play and there were points where I was crying with laughter! The operating scene had me in stitches as well as the missed cue part. I loved the part on the boat where Josh starts crying like a little girl!

Patrick Stewart put on a fantastic show and neither of them seemed very put off when someone’s mobile phone started going off during one of the slightly more serious parts. We had great seats although they were quite near the front and the herbal cigarettes kept making me want to sneeze! Even my best friend (who is critical of EVERYTHING!) had no bad comments to make about the show and it was absolutely amazing. It’s a pity it’s ending next week because we would defiantly go to see it again and if you have the chance to, I would recommend it to anyone!

After the show we waited for a while to see if they would come out (it was the matinee), but we didn’t hold out much hope. It was St. Georges day and although there wasn’t many fans, there were a lot of people around drinking and things so it probably was a good idea that they didn’t come out although it was disappointing, especially because quite a few of the people waiting seemed be mainly European, not the usual mixture of Brits and Americans!

Overall, fantastic play, great performances and worth every penny!


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