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Cristina’s Story

Cristina’s chance encounter with Josh in Italy

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Well, first of all my name is Cristina and I am from Rome, Italy. I was sleeping really tight yesterday at 11 am, when my best friend calls me. Her name is Annalisa and she lives in Oxford. She had just heard on the radio while she was on a bus going to classes that Josh was going to be giving a speech at her university. She is a huge fan, just like me! So she was all excited and she was calling me to inform me of the huge coincidence: “you gotta come here tonight mate!” she yelled “You’re never gonna believe who’s here!”. Let me tell you, 10 minutes after that I was already packing a bag and had almost booked a flight for 2:45 pm, when I turned on the TV and heard by total chance that the Italian airline, which I was supposed to fly with, was on strike (It was later told on the news that all flights between 2 and 6 pm had been cancelled!) … And if that wasn’t enough things suddenly started to get even worse.

Annalisa informed me that they would allow no guests at the oxford union, it was a members only night, and membership was available just to Oxford students so there was no way I could possibly get one. Plus the flight ticket was about 400 Euros and without any certainty to get in I honestly wasn’t ready to spend that much. Well, to make a long story short, by lunch time I had made up my mind…I had to rest my case, I was not going to go. It has been the worst afternoon! My mate and I have always done this kind of stuff together but now we were alone, me in my bedroom praying for Josh to move the event to the next day so that I may be able to go, and Annalisa in front of the Oxford Union 3 hours before gate opening, while nobody was there! Perhaps she was a little bit better than me after all, if anything, she made it to the front row! Anyway, I was supposed to go out for dinner with some of my friends in the evening, so we had arranged that Annalisa was going to call me when Josh arrived, so that I could at least hear him talking. I was all organized, I had two mobile phones with me, you know, just in case! But as soon as I was ready to order my pizza she called me and gave me the saddest news: mobiles had to be turned off and whoever didn’t was going to be asked to leave, ditto for pictures! Then, and only then, I lost all hope! I was like: k, it’s all right, have fun! But it was not right at all, the room seemed darker and the people I was surrounded by stopped being entertaining all at once. My mind obviously was with my mate and Josh and whenever I took a peak at the clock my hands started shaking! Yet, I wasn’t alone and hearing people happily chatting all around me kept me afloat!

The second phone call finally arrived. The conference was over and Annalisa was calling me to tell me he was “bello, bellissimo, perfetto!” (handsome, gorgeous, perfect!). Many other calls followed it, whether to tell me she was waiting for him outside or that she was afraid he was already gone, or that it was blistering cold. All the times I would tell her that my 2 mobiles were still right in front of me on the table, in hope to get the chance to catch just a glimpse of his voice, or hearing him coughing or laughing in the distance. I wasn’t asking for much, was I? But Annalisa brought me back to earth and said “yeah, right! talk to you later!”. The evening was over, as far as I was concerned, so I was trying to get involved in the chitchat that was taking place all around me, when suddenly my mobile goes off again. It was her, as usual. This time I was sure, she was about to tell me that she was sorry, that going on waiting for him was at that time pointless and that she was heading back home. Bearing that in mind I reached for the phone and I went for a downbeat “Pronto” (Italian for hello), when totally unexpectedly I didn’t hear Annalisa’s voice, but some other voice that I knew equally well, and suddenly the world made sense again! “Hi! This is Joshua Jackson from the Oxford Union in Oxford wishing you a happy birthday!” I swear my heart stopped for I guess a good couple of seconds, then I just stood silent and quite motionless for what felt like eternity. In the end I managed to mumble something like “I can’t believe this! Is it really you?”. Then, as if I was talking to a friend of mine, we both asked each other how we were at the same time; he said he was fine, I said I was great, now! At that point I had regained my confidence but my tongue didn’t seem like wanting to help…I had things to say but they somehow didn’t come out right, plus I was so excited I had to made a huge effort to actually understand what he was saying! Anyway I told him everything I went through that day, that I was supposed to be in Oxford and that I had spent the whole evening thinking about him. He said he was sorry I couldn’t make it and that he wished me a very happy birthday and that he had to go back to the party that was being held after the conference. I told him he made my night and that I loved him. I think I’ve thanked him like a thousand times and then the phone call was over. Just like that. I was shaking, smiling like an idiot, could hardly breath and all that I could think of was: Fuckin’ ace! I just spoke to Josh!

You see, I believe that it’s the small things that make life worth living and this surely was one of those. Just the thought that he took five minutes of his life and dedicated them to me is overwhelming. Not too mention the feeling of knowing that I have such a precious friend that would do, and in fact did, this for me. Overall, I am a little jealous I wasn’t there but at the same time I’m so happy I still can feel butterfly in my stomach… I hope that I’ll have the chance to actually meet him sometime since he’s gonna be in Italy for quite a while. Actually I think I’m gonna turn up on the Shadow Dancer set on June 11th so that I can return him the favour and wish him a bloody happy birthday!

What happened two days later?

Cristina got her wish, and meet Josh at the “Shadow Dancer” press conference in Rome, Italy.

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