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Cristina’s Story Part 2

Cristina’s encounter with Josh in Italy Part Two

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So do you think anybody is ever going to hear me nag about not being lucky again?? I don’t think so! Because, no matter what will happen to me in the future, I have indeed already been the luckiest girl on earth! Do you remember I spoke with Josh on the phone?? Well, let’s take it from there!

Annalisa, my best friend, whom you surely remember, was told by the man himself that he was going to fly to Rome the next day; she told me that that was plain destiny, that she got to meet him in Oxford and I was bound to meet him in Rome … You see I believe in this kinda stuff … You never have to give up because if you believe in your dreams everything becomes possible … in other words, if you give yourself a hand, Destiny will give yourself a hand! And that’s exactly what happened! As soon as I was back from that dinner party I got online to check if anybody knew if, where and how long Josh was going to be in Rome for. I surely knew about The Shadow Dancer, but what I didn’t know was that there was going to be a press conference to present the movie two days from then! Clearly, that was my ticket!

Cristina's StoryLuckily enough I know no shame … I made some phone calls and I got to know exactly where it was going to take place, I put on some fancy clothes and half saying I was a film studies student (which I am!) and half pretending to be a journalist I sneaked in! No other fans were there, I guess nobody actually knew about it, so I basically had Josh all to myself!!

Needless to say Friday April 30th was a LONG day, but somehow the moment I’d been waiting for managed to come. I was sitting in the 5th row in the conference room and I just caught a glimpse of Josh through the door … He was wearing a pinstripe black oh-soooo-good suit and looked like a sunset on the river Nile … Spectacular! He made his way into the room 20 minutes or so later and walked just past me … Man! That would have been enough! But same old Destiny seemed to want to give me the full enchilada!

Cristina's StoryThroughout the conference I couldn’t help but gazing at him, he was just like the most powerful magnet you can think of, laughing and talking with costar Claire Forlani and drinking a lot of water! Plus when he answered the journalist’s questions, he was just the man!  Got the whole room laughing over and over again! When asked if he’d ever had a threesome relationship like the one in the movie in real life he smartly replied, “What kind of actor would I be if I didn’t rehearse?”. The Q&A session went on for like an hour and eventually one of the organizers said it was enough! Everybody immediately got up and headed to the long table were the cast had been seated the whole time, to ask few more questions and to get autographs and pictures. I didn’t waste a single second as well and I immediately started making my way through the small crowd. As soon as I got to the table I raised my head and there they were, his two amazingly sweet and deep light blue eyes looking right into mine! Good Lord, I needed a couple of seconds to get over that!

Cristina's StoryAs soon as I did, I put my arm forward and said “Hi Josh”! He turned around and shook my hand, and from that moment on, he was mine! I told him we had spoken on the phone two days before. He remembered and signed my autograph without even asking my name! He bloody already knew it! He told me that phone call had been “strange”; I agreed with him and then apologized because I was so excited that I could barely speak a word! Then I asked him if I could get a hug. He didn’t even let me finish my request that his arms were already wide open and with his head bend on a side he was like “Suuureeee!”. How cool is he?! The hug was great! He held me so tight that if you ask me I can tell you I know what Heaven feels like! Then I got a couple of kisses and I stood around him for quite some time while he was taking pictures with other girls! I was quite hype and he was laughing at every joke I made. I don’t know if he was just being polite, but I’d say he’s just that genuine person that has a great time meeting new people! Well, somehow I managed to get one more kiss and walk away with him. As soon as I got back to my chair I rubbed my hands on his back and whispered him three heartfelt thank-yous; he turned around, smiled graciously and said “It was very nice meeting you!”. No Josh, it was really nice meeting YOU!

At this point I was both confused and euphoric. I needed a glass of water so I went out to the foyer to get one. While there, I overheard some journalists say that everybody had headed to the restaurant on the roof. I wondered if Josh was there too, and since I hate having doubts I furiously started climbing the stairs! Five stories later I was up in the restaurant. It was dark and elegantly lighted by candles. A small room on the side had been reserved to the cast and a tiny group of journalists.

Cristina's StoryClearly, there was no place for us (at that time I was leading a lean group of adventurers!). Some woman told me we could go in and take some more pictures if we wanted, that he wouldn’t mind, but I scolded my followers: “Don’t even think about it! He’s already been too nice to us! Let’s give the guy a break!”. Amazingly everybody listened to me, so we stood there a little bit longer just admiring him from a distance. I don’t think I would have ever got bored of that view, but eventually I had to give up. After all, I had a bus to catch!

Well, this is pretty much the whole story, but you all know feelings are just the most difficult thing to explain, so as much as I try it is still hard to find the words to say how humble and down to earth he is; how well behaved, polite and gracious, how pleasant and adorable. He is just a great guy and may he always be blessed!

In the end, if last week someone had told me that I would have spoken to Josh and as much as just 2 days later I would have actually hugged him, I would have laughed out loud and probably told them to shove off, but I would have been sadly mistaken … Thank God!

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