Joshua Jackson

Anna’s Story

Anna’s ‘UK’ Josh Encounter

Here’s a bit on my initial impressions, from when I attended Friday, 4th February 2005.
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Anna's StoryNow — as for the “aesthetics” — that boy be FINE-ASS! He is very tall and though lankier than during his DC days, well-formed and long-limbed. He has very long legs and seems quite flexible (he does this mini-yoga pose at one point and I was like “Oh — so limber!”). His hair was doing that late S4 thing — longish and slightly curling. They brushed his hair down across his forehead to effect that 1970s look (but not sideburns, Thank God!).

Afterwards, we went around back to hit a pub and it was right by the stage door. So we waited there for him to come out. When he did, I found myself pushed right to standing directly in front of him! He was VERY TALL and wearing jeans, a puffy blue ski jacket and a baseball hat. He looked tired, but was very polite and friendly to all of the folks asking for autographs. He carried his own black Sharpie pen. I handed him my programme and he glanced up to make eye contact with me and I smiled, so he smiled back. His eyes are seriously crystal-blue! Wow! Afterwards, he handed it back to me and I said Thank You and he nodded and someone shoved another program in front of him.   So then, I turned to go, but the crowd came in tighter so I got stuck where I was, right alongside JJ! Oh Lord! I was practically smushed alongside him and the bouncer! The bouncer stands right next or behind JJ, with his arm around his waist, to shield him from overzealous fans and to guide him out to the curb for the taxi. I yelled out to Danielle that I was stuck and kept trying to move out of the way ’cause others wanted to get close enough for an autograph, but I was too small to maneuver out. I barely reached JJ’s shoulder! Oh, and his jacket was quite soft.

Anna's StorySam (Danielle’s just lovely boyfriend) asked JJ if he could get a picture of him with us and JJ said, “Sure, but they have to get over on this side ’cause my taxi’s here”. I heard that and was trying to maneuver around (I was behind him at this point) and was craning my neck to look for Danii so I could pull her over to him, and these two girls ducked in quickly underneath his arms and I think he mistakenly thought those were the ones he was supposed to be expecting, so he put his arms around them and a quick picture was snapped from somewhere in front of him. I was pushed up against his back. I probably could have grabbed his ass, but he might not have appreciated that much! lol

Anyway, JJ was shoved into the taxi by the bouncer and drove off, which I did not see, ’cause the crowd had closed around me again and I was too short to look over any heads. Danii said a girl took off running after the taxi. Hee!

Danielle’s Story

As Anna said, we were looking for a bar around the back of the theatre, when we spotted loads of girls (and a funny Irish guy :p ) waiting by the stage door. So we thought, ‘What the hell, we may as well wait.’ Then, we realized we didn’t have a pen, so the Irish guy gave us his, even though we didn’t use it. He was waiting for Patrick Stewart, he liked Star Trek and he had seen Blood Brothers 34 times!

Danielle's StorySo anyway, we were waiting and we nearly got run over by a BMW with really cool music in the process. When all of a sudden, Anna’s friend yelled, “He’s coming!” So we were all really excited. Sam was taking the pictures while me and Anna tried to get his autograph. We were standing in a really good spot though so it was alright. Quite a few people left the crowd, when he refused to sign anything Dawson’s Creek. It had to have something to do with play or just a plain picture or something. Dawson’s Creek merchandise was out of the question.

So as Anna says above, the crowd were really closing in on us and we were right next to him. We couldn’t get out because we were being pushed up against him. Which isn’t a bad thing, but I felt guilty for being there, when other people wanted his autograph.

Danielle's StorySo, I turned around and grabbed this little girl’s program for him to sign. I handed it to him, and he looked directly at me. I said, “Can you sign this please?” and he didn’t take his eyes off me and he replied, “Sure, no problem.” He quickly signed it and I said, “Thank you so much.” And again he looked at me and smiled and said, “My pleasure.” As I took the program from him, my fingers touched his hand, which were all covered in black pen. And as quick as that, he was signing someone else’s. I turned back around to hand the girls program and she looked soooooo grateful. I was really pleased with myself then.

As Anna says, Sam did ask him and I think that was the longest answer he gave anyone. Maybe it was because Sam was the only one not giddy with fan girls excitement.

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