Joshua Jackson

Angie’s Story

“The hair needed a little change. Josh went crazy!”

Story by Angie

This is an exclusive story that has been asked to not be copied to any other sites. If any pictures, stories are taken in whole or part, well that would just be plain wrong! Thanks. 😉

Haha! Ok, so I needed a catchy title for my little story. The fact is that after four trips to North Carolina, a dream of one day becoming a world famous actor/writer/casting director, a lot of extra work, and thousands of miles on my car, I finally met my hero.

I have two heroes when it comes to acting, Lucille Ball and Joshua Jackson. Meeting Lucy is pretty much impossible so ::drum roll:: I met Josh! Joshua is just as sweet and gracious and charming as I’d ever imagined. The more I learned about him the more determined I was that I just had to meet him. And here is my story.

This last trip to Wilmington was probably by far the best! I got to spend time with my friends and my mom even came back into town a couple of days early so that we could do some stuff together. She adores Wilmington just as much as I do.

I guess I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to meet Josh, but I was beginning to wonder if I ever would. I worked as an extra for three days, and all three days there was not a sign of Josh. I made a friend who is a PA on the set of DC (I guess after three days of shooting you do tend to bond with these people) and she told me that Josh would not be working any of the days I was. I was bummed to say the least, and actually pretty much gave up hope.

I had a shirt in my car that I had carried on my last trip and on this one that I wanted to give Josh. I earned it by being on the board of directors (the youngest member to ever hold a position on the board) at ACTA Theatre in Trussville, Alabama. I guess I was sort of proud that I held such a position, and seeing as Josh inspires me so much I wanted to give him the shirt. It wasn’t even pretty, but it was the principle. When I got the darned thing, I got it for him, and he just had to have it. So I talked to my friend as well as another person on the set and they both told me that if I gave it to them they would see he got it. It was weird because for some reason I kinda held back and never took it to the set with me.

And so Thursday night rolled around and mom finally got back to town. By that time everyone had gone home except me, mom, the other Angie (Namesake!), and Marcie. Well, there was some filming going on downtown and we all headed down to check it out. It was Michelle and Busy. I love them both but we still had to turn the car in and it had been a pretty rough day all the way around. So mom and I left and Angie and Marcie stayed downtown to watch. After turning in the car mom and I debated whether to go back to the hotel or not. Finally we decided to head back down to see what all was going on, figuring that filming was about to wrap.

Once we got back, Angie told us that Ian was going to have Michelle and Busy come over and meet us once filming wrapped. I pondered over whether or not to stay and finally mom and I decided to kinda hang out a few minutes. Well, standing up got boring so we went over and sat down on a bench. I hadn’t been sitting very long when Angie came over and started clawing at my arm. I was trying to calm her down (after all, we couldn’t both freak and she had dibs) and she was screaming-whispering (haha) “OH! MY! GOD! THAT’S! JOSHUA! JACKSON!” Yeah, she was a bit on the excited side. 🙂 Of course I didn’t have my glasses on as I only wear them to drive so I’m like “Huh? Where? Ang, CALM DOWN!”

Finally I looked up and focused just in time to see the very grape-fruit-headed Joshua Jackson wave to the crew and say “Hey boys!” in a high pitched voice. He was standing there in a red zip-up hoody thingy that said Canada and matching read sweatpants. I was getting excited but not too much cause Ang was still FREAKING on me. I think I held it together pretty well. 🙂 However once I got her calm I walked over to the edge of the sidewalk and started trying to motion and mouth his name. Then I tried to get Ian’s attention. But I guess everyone was excited cause he’d just gotten back from Costa Rica, and apparently hadn’t seen the crew since he’d been back. So everyone was hugging and kissing him.

Well after trying to get his attention and even trying to get other people to get his attention, we decided this method wasn’t working. 🙂 Well, mom said she was gonna go get his shirt out of the car (aren’t I smart leaving it there?) so she walks on over across the street to the car.

Just as she gets to the corner, Josh starts walking her way. I notice and kinda make my way to the corner as well (which was diagonal to me so I crossed the street twice). Marcie and Ang are still kinda hanging back. Trust me, I was being bolder than I felt. 😉 I guess you could say I was the shy one of the bunch. So when I got there I waited only a second and finally Josh looked right at me and I yelled “Josh!” and waved. Then I was like “Can you come here?” and mom is like “Can we get a picture?” So he’s all like “Sure!” and makes his way over.

Angie's StoryFor a second we’re like all confused and talking at once. It was cute. 🙂 He introduced himself to Namesake in the middle of all that jabbering cause she was just kinda standing there beside me all quiet. Not like she could get a word in though cause I think I was going on and on non-stop about nothing in particular. Then one of the PAs yells “Josh, you’re in our shot!” So he’s like “Oh, we gotta hurry!” Then I guess he decides he doesn’t wanna hurry cause he says “No wait, come over here,” and leads us to the other side of the street. Then he and Ang have a nice conversation about his hair but that’s her story. 😉

So I go stand beside him and mom is all like “Love up!” I swear she’s hilarious. And she keeps saying stuff like “Oh, honey, look at you, you’re so gorgeous!” He loved her! She had us both cracking up. And I got to touch his tummy!. 😉 So after the picture I like put my hand on his shoulder and was like “Oh, can I hug you?!” I know, silly thing to say, but it worked! He was like “Of course!” And at first (being the forward Alabama hussy I am) I think I caught him off guard then he realized he had to bend down to accommodate my short butt. So he bent and hugged me. Then mom is like “Oh, do it again, I need a picture!” (Love that woman!) So he bends and hugs me again. Then he’s like “Oh wait! You can’t see your face!” So he kinda pulls away a little and tries to turn me around a bit. It’s cute!

Well then I tell him I have something to give him, and mom goes to get it while Marcie and Angie have their pictures made with him. I guess I figured if I walked away so would he. LMAO! After all that waiting, I wasn’t letting him out of my sight. So when she gets back, he’s chatting with this PA and I’m just kinda standing there beside him waiting. Well, when he notices I have the shirt in my hand he turns back to me and the PA goes away. He’s so polite!

Angie's StoryI told him that I had earned the shirt by being on the board of directors at ACTA theatre but before I could say that the theatre was in Alabama he’s like “You’re Canadian?!” I was like “Oh, no, I’m not.” And he’s like “Oh, cause that’s the name of the Actor’s Union in Canada!” Duh, Ang! I remembered that after he said it. So I was just telling him that was cool and how the theatre I worked at was in Birmingham, Alabama. Then of course I told him I admired him and I really wanted him to have this shirt. I actually think I told him I admired him more than once. Haha! He just smiled and hugged me and was like “Thank you!”

Angie's StorySo sweet! I was freaking! But not visibly. 🙂 And I think I was a bit shocked that when I was talking to him, he was actually LISTENING to every word I said. Well, we all thank him and I said “God bless you!” and he smiled again ::faints:: and said “Thank you” again. We were all feeling the love. So then my mom is like “You are so wonderful and I didn’t even have my picture made with you,” as we all started to walk off. Oh, hark! Josh does not let anyone, even moms, miss having their turn. So he’s like “Oh, mom too!” And he grabs her, turns her around, and puts his arm around her. HAHAHA! It was so adorable! Of course I’m sure she didn’t get all giddy over it. She just thinks he’s a sweet little boy.

Then we said our goodbyes again. When I was safely in the car, only then did I allow myself to freak. LOL!

And that was the last I would see of Joshua Jackson…until two days later. 😉

But that’s another story entirely. 😉

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