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Sep 21 2012

{Video} Joshua Jackson on The Hour with George Strombo

Here’s the full interview from last night’s “The Hour”:

Also, here’s an interview from ET Canada from the TIFF red carpet for “Inescapable”. Notice how the interviewer says that Diane is his wife? Odd! 😉

Josh Jackson

Sep 18 2012

{Video} MSN interviews Josh about Inescapable

MSN sat down with Josh in Toronto to talk more about his role in “Inescapable”.

Joshua Jackson talks with MSN at TIFF
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Josh Jackson

Sep 11 2012

{Video} Joshua Jackson promotes "Inescapable" in Toronto

Here’s some video from tonight’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival:

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And an interview Josh did in Toronto to promote the film:

Josh Jackson

Sep 4 2012

Joshua Jackson talks about "Inescapable" & new clip! has released a new interview with Josh where he talks about his latest thriller, “Inescapable” and they also provided an EXCLUSIVE clip! Please click the link to view and read the entire interview.

“He’s a career diplomat, the character. In that scene when Paul and Adib meet, the awkwardness is born that not is all what it seems,” Jackson told EW. “I never went to drama school, so I judge my characters all the time. Paul comes from a certain family, and has had the easiest time in life. Now he’s confronted with real events. He is duplicitous. You learn some unpleasant things about the guy. Ruba’s passionate energy and excitement, and the insight she brings, given her background, was the final hook for me, doing the film.”

Josh Jackson

Aug 28 2012

{Video} New Fringe Season 5 promo!

This is my favorite new Fringe promo, yet! Love Josh’s voice-over and the awesomeness that is POlivia. 🙂

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