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Sister, Aisleagh Jackson:
“Home, is wherever Josh is.”

Screen Legend and co-star, Donald Sutherland:
“I am totally and utterly charmed by him. I thought he was terrific and I like the manner that he understated, he went always looking for the truth of the character.”

friend and co-star, Ali Larter:
“I find Josh’s sense of adventure inspiring. We share the same passion for great food, wine and conversation.”

“He’s a lover. He wants to know how you are and what’s going on in your life.”

“Josh is the most comfortable person I know. I think that’s why women like him.”

friend and co-star, Lena Headey:
“When we met, Josh was a diamond in the rough. Now, with the love of a good woman, he’s worthy of Harry Winston.”

“Josh is a contradiction. He’s older than his age, but he’s still a kid.”

“He may wear the same T-shirt for seven weeks, but he’s a real sweetheart & will try anything.”

Director, Rob Cohen:
“He’s the everyman. But special. The best hopes we have for ourselves. I think what makes him so special is that, inside that body, is a thousand-year-old soul. And a gigantic heart.”

“Jackson has an Everyman quality like Spencer Tracy and Tom Hanks that makes him appealing to all.”

“Josh has it. He has intelligence, charm and humor, and I predict great stardom for him.”

co-star, Keenan Thompson:
“Hanging out in Minnesota, doing ‘Mighty Ducks’, me and Josh Jackson were cool for awhile. He was kinda like the lead duck; he took everybody under his wing.”

Director and co-star, Emilio Estevez:
“Joshua is a very good actor. He’s a very solid, very determined young man.”

Oscar Nominee and co-star, Michelle Williams:
“Josh is very down-to-earth, charming, talented, and gorgeous and smart. He’s definitely one of my favorite people.”

“Josh is one of those guys that you actually can’t wait to take home to your folks.”

Director and Dawson’s Creek Creator, Kevin Williamson:
“Of all the actors who read [for DC], he was the most talented.”

“He has all the qualities of a leading man and all the talent of a character actor, that combination is unstoppable.”

“I think he has a sort of Tom Hanks/George Clooney-esque quality. He gets more and more charming by the day.”

When I [met Josh], I realized that he encompassed it all, he had the magnetism and the charisma and the sex appeal. He was perfect.”

co-star, Anna Torv:
“Josh is a wonderful sparring partner [on Fringe]. He has such intense focus, but he’s irreverent and fun too. What old-school charm and charisma!”

co-star, Leslie Bibb:
“He’s just Josh Jackson, a really talented, kind, giving person.”

co-star, Paul Walker:
“Josh is the man. He’s very good at what he does…he’s hilarious. He’s just crazy. He gets all of the ladies but other than that.. I’d definitely work with him again.”

co-star, Katie Holmes:
“Josh is a very good actor and a great friend. I respect and love him very much. We even have sort of a ‘Dawson-Joey’ type of relationship, so I’m very fortunate.”

“I would say Josh is, well, we’re going to see a lot of him, a very talented actor and very fun to work with.”

co-star, Meredith Monroe:
“Josh? One word…gorgeous.”

“One moment, he’s making you laugh, the next he’s talking about authors & books and these theories. You never know what to expect.”

“Josh Jackson is a goofball. He’s funny. He’s Crazy. He’s a lot of fun to be around.”

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