Joshua Jackson

Joshua’s itsy-bitsy polka-dot pants

Radio 1 – February 2, 2005
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Joshua Jackson from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ has been telling Radio 1 about stripping off for his West End debut.

Joshua Jackson

He stars alongside Patrick Stewart in ‘A Life in the Theatre’ which follows the friendship and rivalry of two actors in a small town theatre.

The play opens tonight (Wednesday) and has 26 scenes with loads of costume changes, which all had to be done on stage in front of the audience.

Patrick Stewart told Radio 1 he’s not bothered about stripping off:

“I think that does take people by surprise, the first time that we start taking our clothes off.”

“I don’t feel too bad in my 65th year, to be taking my clothes off in front of an audience.”

“Not even with a gorgeous young actor standing beside me.”

Joshua has to wear some very amusing seventies underpants but he’s taking it in his stride:

“It’s strangely liberating because once you’ve been in these ridiculous tidy whities – I think you call them briefs – you really can’t feel uncomfortable about anything else.”

“Once you’ve been that silly there is no shame in anything else – I mean, I’m wearing polka-dot underwear!”

“When the wardrobe mistress first showed me the underwear I thought ‘Right, here we go!'”

“They’re right for the character, and they are wonderfully right for the seventies, but damn, polka-dot underwear? Send me back to Canada!”

The critics will be there tonight but Joshua isn’t too worried.

“My mother will be in the audience, so that will be slightly more nerve wracking.”

“Because this will be my first time, I have yet to be savaged by the critics, so I have yet to learn the fear that I probably should have.”

“I’m not actually too concerned, though afterwards I may be crushed.”

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