Joshua Jackson

All Aboard for Journey’s End

The Evening Standard (London, England); 1/20/2005
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The first anniversary of the current production of Journey’s End attracted an appreciative thespian crowd to the Duke of York’s theatre last night.

Angus Deayton, Isla Blair and Richard Griffiths were among those who showed up to watch RC Sherriff’s First World War drama.

“I’ve seen Journey’s End several times,” Griffiths told me.

“But this is a very superior production. I’m no longer shocked by it, but in the Thirties it was banned because it was so scandalous to suggest that our boys weren’t heroes. We’re much more cynical now.”

Another actor at the performance was Joshua Jackson, star of Dawson’s Creek.

He makes his West End debut next week, starring alongside Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart in A Life in the Theatre. “It’s great working with Patrick,” Jackson gushed. “He’s the rock.”

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