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The Joshua Jackson Interviews: Visits to Ireland and England

Trinity College – Dublin, Ireland
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Joshua’s coming, baby:

On Tuesday 27th April Joshua Jackson, of Dawson’s Creek fame and from such films as Cruel Intentions will be giving a candid interview in the Ed Burke Theatre.

Hold on to your knickers… Pacey’s coming to The Hist:

The Joshua Jackson Interview – Pacey comes to discuss his love for Trinity and Ireland and share the deep emotional trauma and bittersweet heartbreak of life in Dawson’s Creek

Joshua Has a Talk with Trinity Girls…


Hollywood heartthrob and Dawson’s Creek regular Joshua Jackson was invited along to talk to Trinity College’s Historical Society last night which, by the looks of things, is mainly female! Josh also attended the event with his sister, Aisleigh.

When you hear of a Trinity College Historical Society debate going on – you generally don’t picture in your mind’s eye hoards of young women clambering over each other to get in… Well not unless the honourary guest is none other than the hunky actor Joshua Jackson who played Pacey in Dawson’s Creek and has starred in such movies as Cruel Intentions, Scream 2 and Urban Legend. Last night saw Joshua on stage in the Edmund Burke Theatre being interviewed by Ray D’arcy in front of 400 women with another 300 outside trying to get in. Luckily he got away with all of his clothing still intact!

Oxford University

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From child star to Dawson’s Creek heartthrob, Joshua Jackson continues to win over hearts on both sides of the Atlantic. From ‘Mighty Ducks’ to ‘Cruel Intentions’, he comes to speak about growing up in front of the cameras.

Wednesday, 28 April, 2004
Location: Debating Chamber
Event starts at 8:30pm

Audience member account of Q&A session held at Oxford: (Thanks Trekster!)

Following on from his appearance at Trinity Josh Jackson did indeed speak at The Oxford Union this evening, it was a full house (of pretty much all women). The set up was basically a question and answer session with his younger sister starting things off by asking him a few general questions before passing it over to the audience. The whole thing lasted just under an hour and a half.

Josh was charming and funny throughout wandering around the debating chamber and generally have a chat with those in attendance.

I’ll try and give some of the highlights from his (at times quite frank) answers bearing in mind that I was quite giddy and have a poor memory:

  • Josh referred to Katie Holmes as his first true love and received a mighty ‘awww’ from the crowd.
  • In reference to the final two seasons he said that once the core writing staff had departed the was a dramatic decline in quality and there was a loss in plausibility (such as why they would all choose to go and live in the same city) and when Kevin Williamson came back for the final episode they went five years ahead to essentially get away from a lot of the mistakes that had been made.
  • He was very happy that Pacey got the girl in the end.
  • One of Josh’s favourite filming experiences was for the Wal-Mart episode because he got to spend so much time with Katie (again ‘awww’)
  • Josh and James Van Der Beek never really saw eye to eye and this was in part to do with Katie but he didn’t go into details but that wasn’t the only reason
  • Josh said one of his main aims was to make a film that would really be enjoyed by the audience and be truly memorable
  • The discussion turned to politics for a while and Josh spoke passionately about his views of America and world situations (and his hope that John Kerry will be the next President.
  • Finally, when asked if he would be willing to drop his trousers, following in the footsteps of Matthew Perry, Josh said Matt is “a braver man than I am” and declined

I think that’s about all of the highlights everything else was kind of general I’ll add more if anything comes back to me (or if any of the numerous picture taken turn up online). Hopefully this has been a coherent account of the event

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