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Mirror in Ireland Interview

The Mirror (London, England); 4/30/2004
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I’m on the lookout for an Irish girl to settle down with; Dublin feels like home, especially when I am in my grandmother’s house in Ballyfermot

DAWSON’S Creek love rat Joshua Jackson flew into Ireland yesterday and declared: I’m looking for an Irish woman to settle down with.

The half-Irish actor, known across the world as the hit show’s Pacey, was mobbed by more than 1,000 screaming girls when he appeared at Dublin’s Trinity College.

And to the delight of his adoring fans, he admitted he is young, free and single and on the lookout for love.

Joshua, 25, said: “Irish women – you can’t beat them. They are my blood. One day I’d love to live in Ireland and settle down with an Irish girl.

“I’ve been linked to so many women including Julia Stiles, Katie Holmes and Rosario Dawson.

“There were even rumours that I was engaged to Rosario, but there is no way, I am only 25 and I am not ready to get married. I am looking for love but I am not looking to get engaged or have kids yet.”

Joshua was born in the Canadian city of Vancouver, but his mother comes from Dublin’s Ballyfermot and his granny lived there until she died recently.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Mirror, Joshua said: “I’m very proud of my Dublin roots and I spent so many summers here when I was growing up that I consider Ireland my second home.

“My mum is from Ballyfermot and my grandmother lived there until she died recently.

“I also have lots of aunts and uncles over here so I try to get over as often as I can.

“I haven’t been back since last July and the six years I was in Dawson’s Creek I didn’t get a chance to come over. I was here more in my childhood but I love it here.

“It feels like home especially when I am in my grandmother’s house in Ballyfermot.

“It drives my mother batty when North Americans claim to be Irish so I claim to be Irish-Canadian.

“I could see myself living here, I am a Canadian boy and my home is in Vancouver but I would like to spend years of my life here.”

On-screen Joshua’s character Pacey was best friends with Dawson, played by James Van Der Beek, but off-screen the pair couldn’t stand each other.

To the outside world they seemed inseparable, but Joshua revealed it was a very different story.

He said: “Dawson’s Creek gave me a job for six years and let me get other jobs now.

“I got along best with Katie Holmes who played Joey, I consider her one of my closest friends. But each of them were interesting in their own way – Michelle is probably the smartest woman I know, Kerr is more a guy I would go and have a pint with.

“Myself and James, who played Dawson, never got on. We were like oil and water, it might have had something to do with James liking Katie Holmes as well. If it hadn’t been for Kate defusing the situation I don’t know what would have happened.

“Sometimes it did nearly come to blows on the set between us.

“It was the year anniversary of finishing the show last Sunday and I met up with Katie in London to celebrate. I would never see James now because we were not friends.

“We were on the inside doing Dawson’s Creek, we were the six kids who didn’t watch the show going through high school.

“It was so much more fun playing the guy who has fun, more so than the person who always had to be the good guy. I don’t reflect my on-screen character, I don’t consider myself a love rat.”

Joshua is getting ready to jet off to Italy to shoot his latest movie with Reservoir Dogs star Harvey Keitel.

And while soaking up the sun in Tuscany, the hunk also gets to fall in love with stunning Claire Forlani.

Joshua added: “I am working on a new film in Italy with Harvey Keitel. I play an editor who has to go into the wilds of Italy to track down an American writer so I can publish him again.

“Harvey Keitel is the writer I am looking for, Gerard Depardieu is in it and I get to go and fall in love with Claire Forlani for a couple of months. It’s a hard knock life.”

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