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Josh as a Young Indiana Jones? – May 24, 2004
Thanks to stark at the PN message boards.
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With a fourth “Indiana Jones” flick officially ‘on hiatus’ but unofficially quite dead and buried, talk in Cannes began to spring up about taking the franchise in a new and cheaper direction – taking the ‘Young Indy’ TV chronicles and shoving them up on the big screen. Now, insider ‘Warmest’ has heard the speculation and answers some of the talk:

“Anyway, I saw you had something on a “Young Indiana Jones” film and thought I’d clarify that one for you, based on what I know. Granted, this news is a little bit old now, but I’m sure it’s still the case that – it’s only an idea. There’s no green light, go or anything official of a young Indiana Jones movie. That’s all dependent on how well the forthcoming Young Indiana Jones Box Set does on DVD. They’ve been working on that for a while, it should be a great set. It’ll feature a conglomerate of extra features. Much like TCF’s Firefly, if the sales returns are pleasing, then, and only then, will the studio look at doing the Young Indiana movie.

It has been on the cards for quite a while, I believe. The fourth Indiana Jones movie isn’t going to happen at the moment, so I think they’re looking into other options, which includes taking parts of the rejected Indy 4 scripts and making them fit a ‘Young’ Indy prequel. Again, nothing’s happening at the moment on this, but if people want to see it happen, I’d say buy the forthcoming DVD box set. I recall their was some talk as to who would play Indiana – Joshua Jackson’s people know about it and there was talk of going that way – and we were saying as soon as it gets out every agent will be pushing client by client on the studio.”

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