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Joshua Jackson as Batman?

Sorelle Saidman – Special to The Province
Vancouver Sun
Friday, September 05, 2003 – Link to Article
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Vancouver actor in the running for the next movie role.

Joshua JacksonJoshua Jackson just wrapped his latest movie, Americano.

Vancouver’s Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek) is testing for the role of Batman in the next Batman movie — but who isn’t?

Also reportedly looking to jump on the Batwagon are Jake Gyllenhaal (Moonlight Mile, Donnie Darko, a.k.a. the lucky sod who’s bagged Kirsten Dunst), Christian Bale (American Psycho), Cillian Murphy (star of the summer’s hit Brit thriller 28 Days Later), Henry Cavill (I Capture the Castle) and Eion Bailey (who starred as Jann Wenner in Almost Famous).

Billy Crudup has also been mentioned and the Hollywood Reporter says Hugh Dancy (Black Hawk Down), currently shooting King Arthur, may test schedule permitting — and if he’ll be allowed to shave. (His Gallahad character in the Disney flick sports a beard.) Past names floated for the caped roll have included Ashton Kutcher, Josh Harnett, Paul Walker and Memento’s Guy Pearce.

The film is under the direction of Christopher Nolan (Memento, the B.C.-filmed Insomnia) and is expected to start shooting, reportedly in England, in February.

It’s flying out of the bat cave ahead of another much discussed rumored franchise flick, Batman vs. Superman, as well as Superman 5 and Batman: Year One (taking a cue from the success of Smallville’s young Superman).

Jackson, a Kitsilano kid, just finished Americano, which was mostly shot in Spain but wrapped in Los Angeles last week. He plays a character who’s backpacking around Europe after graduating from college and ends up at the running of the bulls in Pampona, Spain.

The role isn’t a stretch for Jackson, who made a similar trek himself — he headed off to Europe fresh out of high school.

We’re not sure if he ran with the bulls. If there are any old school mates out there, drop us a line.

Another Vancouver bat connection: David Goyer, in town to shoot Blade 3, was brought onboard the Batwagon earlier this year to pen the Batman script.

According to Goyer, “There was a mythology which was much more set” in Batman and he wasn’t prepared to mess with it.

“Because of the TV show and movies that have come before it, there’s much more of an awareness of the character’s history,” he told the Screenwriters’ Voice website ( “We had much tighter restrictions on things that we should change or not change.”

Bit of a dilemma: If the rumour that Michelle Pfeiffer, who starred as Catwoman Selina Kyle in Batman Returns, might make a cameo is true, it could cause some confusion. Halle Berry will be playing a different Catwoman, Patience Price, than the traditional comics version in a film set to go before the cameras in Vancouver at the end of September.

– Still with the superheroes: Marvel Comic legend Stan Lee will be appearing in the “Interview” segment of the Vancouver International Film Festival’s Trade Forum, Sept. 24. Aside from his long time comic endeavours, Lee is also responsible for the big screen adaptations of Spider-Man, Daredevil and the pending Fantastic Four, among others. Sources say the latter, by the way, which is expected to begin filming in Vancouver early next year, hasn’t been cast yet. They’re still looking at scripts and revisions.

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