Joshua Jackson

Josh at NY Rangers Game

Newsday, March 19, 2003
– – –

When Joshua Jackson finishes his stint as hellion Pacey Witter on “Dawson’s Creek,” he may want to consider work as a matchmaker.

The 24-year-old, in town on promotional duties for “The Safety of Objects,” squeezed in a Rangers game last week with his brother, a Brooklynite.

Because he’s a celeb, Jackson’s beaming visage was soon brightly displayed on the GardenVision Jumbotron hovering over the ice.

Cut to Jackson several minutes later, seated in Section 108, patiently placating the line of autograph-seekers that had formed on the stairs.

Jackson penned his signature until the second period was about to begin, then politely indicated that he’d need to disappoint the remaining hounds because the game was about to resume.

That’s when the guy sitting behind Jackson tapped the actor on the shoulder.

“‘Dude,'” Jackson recalls the conversation beginning, “‘You got to sign three more.'”

Jackson turned and told the guy, “‘No, man, the game starts in a minute and a half.'”

Then, looking to the end of the autograph line, Jackson noticed the “beautiful” blonde in a Rangers jersey.

“The guy said to me, ‘I got to meet that girl.’ ”

So Jackson kept signing. When he got to the girl, he autographed the photo (“To Nicole …”), and then the guy behind Jackson (“I think his name was Johnny”) grabbed the picture and scrawled his home phone number on it before passing it on to the bewildered blonde.

“I might have made a love connection,” Jackson surmises. “Nicole, if you’re somewhere out there, I hope you’ve given Johnny a call.”

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