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Dawson’s Creek’s Ending

Dawson’s Creek says Good-Bye. From WWAY Channel 3 News in Wilmington.

Six years ago, a coming of age story became a hit TV show.

Almost overnight, young actors rose to stardom…and Dawson’s Creek became a hit.

It’s pumped millions into Wilmington’s economy, employed thousands and showcased the region. Now, the series will come to an end.

NewsChannel Three went on location for the filming of the final episode today..and talked to the actors about Wilmington, and saying goodbye.

Just a few more takes and they’ll wrap filming on the final episode of Dawson’s Creek, a two hour special that brings back most of the original cast and is said to tie up loose ends.

The original writer and creator, Kevin Williamson, wrote the last two episodes. Many of the actors say his final script brought tears to their eyes…filming those last scenes…proved equally difficult.

Joshua says, “I ‘m saying goodbye to people that I’ve worked with 9 months out of every year for the last 6 years saying goodbye to a place that I’ve gone from being 18 to 24 in and saying goodbye to an experience that’s defined my young adult life.”

Mary Margaret Humes, “Yeah…it’s tough, it’s bittersweet because I think the general consensus is it’s time to move on but we’re saying goodbye today and the script itself has some sad moments in it so it’s hard not to have it filter over into your real life and I’m gonna miss a lot of people here.

Katie, “It’s been so much fun and very challenging to play Joey Potter and she’s grown up in so many ways she is a huge part of me and I think that it’s take some time to say goodbye to her and shed her from my being I guess.

James, “Saying goodbye to the character will be pretty easy – I’ll be pretty ready to leave him behind. Saying goodbye to the cast mates will be much harder although I’ve learned better than to say goodbye because I always just say see ya later because you never know.

And that goes for Wilmington too…

I grew up in Connecticut, so I never thought I’d spend any time down south, and don’t know that I ever would have had it not been for this show so I’ve loved it down here so it’s great…different section of the country. I’ll visit, vacation…maybe even retire here. I it’s so charming to live in a place that’s a smaller town where everyone kind of takes care of everyone it’s been really wonderful I will always look back on this experience fondly.

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