Joshua Jackson

Creek Star Saves a Life

Los Angeles, CA); 8/5/1999
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‘Creek’ star rescued after rescue attempt Daily News

On TV, off TV, it’s one cliffhanger after another for “Dawson’s Creek” star Joshua Jackson.

Jackson, 21, who plays Pacey Witter on the hit show, had to be pulled out of Masonboro Inlet in North Carolina by the Coast Guard on Tuesday evening after he and a friend tried to rescue two girls stranded near a rock jetty.

The pair dove into the ocean and swam out to help the girls, but powerful waves swept all four over the jetty and into the inlet, Coast Guard Petty Officer Jody Howey said. The falling tide prevented them from swimming back to shore.

A Coast Guard boat rescued the four about 7 p.m., Howey said. There were no injuries.

Jackson “kept them safe and floating until the Coast Guard got there,” said David Hartley, producer of the show, which is filmed in nearby Wilmington. “He just helped out somebody who needed it.”

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