Joshua Jackson

Shadows in the Sun

Shadows in the Sun starring Joshua JacksonDirected By:
Brad Mirman
Release Dates:
November 13, 2005 (TV) + June 9, 2006 (Italy)
Joshua Jackson, Harvey Kitel, Claire Forlani
DVD Release:
April 25, 2006 – Buy the DVD
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“The Shadow Dancer” Press Conference – Rome, Italy

Character Information

Josh plays the lead character, Jeremy Taylor, a young editor from London who is sent to a small Tuscany village to try and sign a famous writer and to bring him back to the publishing world. Along the way he finds his own path as a writer and love.

Movie Summary

In the twenty years following the publication of his magnum opus “Shadows in the Sun”, the Last Great American Writer, Weldon Parish (Harvey Keitel), has isolated himself in a small village in rural Italy and become the holy grail of the publishing world. His life revolves around horses, wine, friends and his three beautiful daughters… and running out of town any journalists or publishers who dare to seek him out.

Fresh from the back room of a New York publishing house comes the latest lamb to the slaughter, Jeremy Taylor (Joshua Jackson), whose own ambitions to literary fame seem unfettered by his lack of experience of life. The aspiring writer is on a mission to land a writing contract with the great man. Arriving at Weldon’s property, Jeremy is immediately smitten by the straight-talking Isabella (Claire Forlani), the least eccentric of Weldon’s daughters. Finally meeting the great man, Jeremy is shocked by his crazy ramblings; the once-great mind has sunk into madness!

But Jeremy soon discovers it is the first of many ruses to get him to leave. He decides to challenge Weldon and stays. So begins a strange game of cat and mouse as Jeremy calls Weldon’s bluff…

Film Festivals:

  • May 12-17, 2005 – 2005 Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France

Awards and Nominations:

  • Best Young International Actor: Joshua Jackson (2006 Italian Golden Graals)

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