Joshua Jackson

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis starring Joshua JacksonDirected By:
James Burke
Release Dates:
September 15, 2006 in New York, L.A. + select cities
Joshua Jackson, Donald Sutherland, Juliette Lewis
Entitled Entertainment
DVD Release:
April 3, 2007
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Character Information

Josh plays the lead character, Duncan Shorter, who is a young man that just can’t get a break and is haunted by the sudden death of his father.  With an ailing grandfather, he is forced to face the demons of his past, embrace new love and allow the chance to emerge from his cold home in Minnesota.

Movie Summary

Duncan Shorter (Joshua Jackson). Bright. Charming. Never met a job from which he couldn’t be fired. His buddies are growing up and beginning lives of responsibility, but Duncan is still looking for that spark. It arrives from a most unexpected corner.

Visiting his grandmother Ruth’s (Louise Fletcher) new senior residence, Duncan jumps at the chance to become the building’s handyman. It will keep him close to his grandfather Ronald (Donald Sutherland), whose faculties are failing as quickly as the light of this Minnesota winter. When Ronald goes, Duncan realizes, he’ll take with him the last shadow of Duncan’s father, whose unresolved death years earlier still haunts him.

And then there’s Ronald’s feisty home nurse, Kate (Juliette Lewis), a restless spirit as free as Duncan is trapped. They soon find themselves drawn together in a relationship neither one wants but both of them need. Kate’s freedom is seductive, but what is it hiding?  With the burning light of Kate on one side and Ronald’s dying flame on the other, Duncan confronts his own darkness, and takes his first fledgling steps into a brighter tomorrow.

Additional Information

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Awards & Nominations:

  • Winner – Best Actor: Joshua Jackson (Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival)
  • Winner – Best Actor: Donald Sutherland (RiverRun Film Festival)
  • Winner – Best Supporting Actor: Donald Sutherland (Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival)
  • Winner – Best Film: Aurora Borealis (Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival)
  • Audience Selection: Aurora Borealis (RiverRun Film Festival)
  • Audience Selection: Aurora Borealis (Jackson Hole Film Festival)

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