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Americano starring Joshua JacksonDirected By:
Kevin Noland
Release Dates:
March 24, 2006 (L.A) and April 14, 2006 (NY)
Joshua Jackson, Leonor Varela, Timm Sharp, Dennis Hopper
Americano LLC and New Films International
DVD Release:
April 18, 2006 – Purchase at Amazon
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Character Information

Josh plays the lead character, Chris McKinley, a recent college graduate that is about to embark on his new career as a 9-5er. He finds himself on the last leg of his European vacation, in Pamplona, Spain — in the midst of the San de Famin “The Running of the Bulls” Festival. There he meets a Spanish beauty, Adela, who shows him about love, life and maybe the pursuit of happiness…Will Chris choose the beaten path? Or one less discovered?

Movie Summary

“Americano” centers around Chris McKinley (Jackson), a recent college graduate backpacking through Europe who savors his last three days of freedom before boarding the career fast track back in the United States. In Pamplona with two friends (Timm Sharp and Ruthanna Hopper), Chris meets a quintessential Spanish beauty (Varela) and an enigmatic provocateur (Dennis Hopper), all of whom encourage him to rethink his life. As the minutes and seconds until his departure tick away, Chris struggles with an age-old question: Should he follow the beaten path or risk it all on the road less traveled?

Additional Information

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Festival Premiere dates and locations:

  • World Premiere – Palm Springs International Film Festival – January 2005
  • Screening – Cannes International Film Festival – May 2005
  • Screening – Seattle International Film Festival – June 2005
  • Screening – Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (Alabama) – Sept. 2005
  • Screening – Vail International Film Festival – April 2006
  • Screening – Milano International Film Festival – April 2006

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