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Josh Jackson

Jan 19 2011

You can help save Fringe! Join the Fringe Movement!

A great grassroots project has been formed to help promote Fringe’s move to Fridays and for you, the fans, to help cross-promote the show’s move to Fridays. Also, to help promote others to watch the show live vs. DVR (although, DVR numbers don’t hurt either). Not to mention, the ability to help get more views to tune in.

How can you help? If you have a, LiveJournal, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter account, you can utilize some of the great graphics that the folks over at have put together. They’ve compiled some posters, icons/avatars and more to push the movement. You’ll find one example on the left hand side of this post and Icons/Avatars can be found below. There are 21 current icons that can be downloaded from a zip file and used anywhere you upload your icons/avatars & photos. You can also cross-post their blog entries at places like Twitter & Facebook.

So what are you waiting for?
Get out there and take part in the Fringe movement!

Fringe Movement Icons/Avatars

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