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Josh Jackson

Nov 22 2010

Fringe moves to Fridays starting in January

I know that a lot of fans are pretty bummed about this move and I am one of them. It’s been said that Friday nights is the “death night” for TV shows or pretty much where shows go to die (canceled). I really hope that’s not what FOX will end up doing to Fringe. Here’s an official press release from FOX’s Network President:

“As for the decision to bump Fringe to Fridays, “Fringe has a very particular, loyal audience,” Reilly said. With the show picking up almost half of its viewrship via DVR, he doesn’t expect the sci-fi series to take a big ratings hit in moving to Fridays where it will be paired with solid reality performer Kitchen Nightmares. “If (Fringe) could stay near the current levels, we’ll get a big trade-up on Friday and will solve our problem there.” – Kevin Reilly (FOX Network President)

What do you think? What can you do? Keep watching Fringe! Make the switch and tell your friends and family about it. Blog about it and get the message out via Twitter and Facebook. Keep the momentum going!

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