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Jul 25 2010

Who needs Comic-Con, when you've got PACEY-CON?

So what exactly is Pacey-Con? Why, it’s just about the best thing for a Josh Jackson fan, ever!

For those of you that were able to witness it (sadly, I was trapped inside the convention center for Comic-Con), Josh Jackson made a special appearance as Pacey Witter and had his own convention going on across the street from Comic-Con. He dubbed it, “Pacey-Con 2010: From Capeside to San Diego”.

After some research about this event, it appears that it was part of a skit/prank put on by the folks from Hopefully, we’ll have a video soon. The best part though, was where Josh wrote fan fiction and was selling it for $10. HA! It’s great to see Josh’s sense of humor and it seems like this was a big hit! He took it even a step further and tried to get into the original Comic-Con, where security “wouldn’t let him in” and he “raised” a big “fuss” over it. All in fun, mind you.

Here are some photos taken from yesterday’s “Pacey-Con 2010” **. If you have anything you’d like to share from the event, please send them our way! 🙂

Joshua Jackson spoof, “Pacey-Con 2010” x14 images

Joshua Jackson Pacey-Con Pacey Joshua Jackson Pacey-Con Pacey Joshua Jackson Pacey-Con Pacey

More photos and details from Comic-Con are on their way!

** If any of these are your images, please let us know. We will provide full credit or remove them if you wish. The images were sent in by various sources without photo information.

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