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Jun 2 2010

Video: Joshua Jackson on Graham Norton

Thanks ever so much to my good friend, Sam, for hooking us all up with Josh’s appearance on The Graham Norton show from Monday night. It may be a bit choppy, since a lot of the discussion was focused on Chris Rock and both were guests at the same time, so I did my best to edit and blend the clips of Josh together into one segment. The video is divided up into three parts and there were also random clips that were predominately Chris Rock-centric, and those were provided by BBC1 online, so I’ll just share those with you individually.

For those of you in America, Josh’s appearance will be on BBC America on June 4th. Check your listings for show times and there are also repeat episodes for those in the UK. Enjoy the video!

Download Josh on Graham Norton
(link will take you to our video page)

Clips featuring Josh & Chris Rock via BBC1:

* Chris Rock wanted to be President
* Men & the Oscars
* I Like Hores (Funny Exam Answers)
* Use of the word ‘peruse’

Let me know if you have any problems with the downloads.

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