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Mar 22 2010

Fringe: The Musical? Josh to sing and dance…

There has been some buzz and news about a “Glee-centric” episode of Fringe (a la Buffy?) coming next month. However, the news would never quite confirm if Josh was going to be partaking in the joyous occasion.

Well, according to, he is!

This musical episode of Fringe, entitled “Overture,” will air during a Glee-themed week of music-inspired programming in May, and will feature the series regulars (Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson) breaking into song and dance. This could either go the excellent route of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s famous “Once More, With Feeling” episode, or the awful route of failed series like Cop Rock and Viva Laughlin.

Hopefully these rumors are true and we can see him crooning with the best of them (or not?!). And don’t forget that there is an ALL NEW episode of Fringe next week!

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