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Nov 19 2009

Josh interviewed with eTalk News & more interview publications

Tomorrow night is a new episode of Fringe that has FOX all a twitter with promoting the heck out of it. They’ve had pseudo-Observers all over America popping up out in public to get the message across. I think this means you need to check it out tomorrow night. 😉

To help with the promotion, Josh was interviewed by Canada’s eTalk News which aired tonight.

Thanks to bearlee & Mary from our Josh Jackson Message Board for posting this!

Joshua Jackson eTalk News Fringe
Josh Jackson on eTalk News | November 18, 2009 (download)

Josh also did a great interview with
Fringe’s Joshua Jackson, Master of the Universe(s)

And is this all leading up to inter-dimensional war?
“Yeah, the usual. [Laughs.] I’m not sure that a full-fledged tanks and bombs war is ever where the show is headed. The advanced shapeshifter soldiers that are already here—I think that’s more the idea. I think it’ll be much more cloak-and-dagger, and not some fleet lands on our shores. I definitely think the show is headed in that direction, and that confrontation is the whole purpose behind the show. But I don’t think [Fringe] is ever going to be Battlestar Galactica, no full-fledged infantry and shock troops war. Most of it will happen in the back alleys.” Ed. note: These are Jackson’s personal thoughts, not necessarily what the writers have in store.

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