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Jun 2 2009

Joshua Jackson unveils Rogers new HTC mobile

After yesterday’s fan based promotion of Rogers new Android HTC cell phone, Josh graced the media with the unveiling of the new line at a press conference held today in Toronto. You can check out a video that features Josh at the phone’s debut, along with details about the product itself. (Side note: Josh does not believe in Twitter!) Watch the Video Here has even more scoop:

Joshua Jackson Rogers HTC press

When Joshua Jackson first received his new Android HTC cell phone – the new Rogers Wireless device he was in Toronto to promote this week – the first number he programmed in was that of his gorgeous screen star girlfriend, Diane Kruger.

The Canadian actor, who recently starred in One Week, a film which saw him travelling across the country by motorcycle, travelled a much more manageable distance on Monday. He toured the city introducing the latest cellular technology and surprising some very lucky fans.

When chatting about the phone, the tech-savvy star noted, “It is a jet-setting life when you’re working on a TV show because you’re constantly moving and constantly travelling, so one of the big problems is being able to stay in touch.” He further went on to explain that a highly capable cell phone helps to alleviate the issue of searching for internet cafés all over the world.

The 30-year-old is about to be on the road a lot less, though, now that he and his love are moving back to his hometown of Vancouver. The second season of Joshua’s hit series Fringe is set to be filmed there, rather than New York where the first successful season unraveled.

“It’s best case scenario for me to go home. I haven’t worked in Vancouver since, I think ’95,” he shared, adding, “not that I should admit that I’ve been working that long!”

“It’s great for me to be able to go home and take Diane and show her what Vancouver can be like in the middle of summer. We went up there to find a place about a month ago – just the end of the rainy season. It was the perfect 28 degree, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky day and I was like ‘See hun! It’s gonna be great!” he joked, knowing full well that Vancouver is burdened by cloud and rain.

But it sounds as though the style-savvy couple will fair just fine in their new climate, “She’s German and grew up in the countryside, so I don’t think she’s afraid of the inclement weather.”

More photos of Josh at the press conference x 12 images:

Joshua Jackson Rogers HTC press Joshua Jackson Rogers HTC press Joshua Jackson Rogers HTC press

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