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Feb 10 2009

Video: One-on-One with Josh at NY Comic Con

Before and after the Fringe panel at NY Comic Con took place, Josh took a few moments to talk with the press about the show. The first video is a great sit down interview with Josh discussing Fringe and some opinions and views that we haven’t really heard from him before about his show, his character and the connections to other shows. Prepare for some very candid moments!

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Also from Blast Magazine, Josh sat down and gave more insight to his almost-stint on Grey’s Anatomy. Read Entire Article

He did assure me he regretted not having the opportunity to work alongside Christina Oh – he was supposed to be her love interest in “Grey’s Anatomy” until filming was put on hold due to the strike and he eventually went to “Fringe” and McKidd replaced his character – and he would take any future project where he could work with her.

This next video is hilarious! You just have to watch it, as it will explain it all.

Fringe “Acting” 101 with Kevin Nalts

Finally, Josh was interviewed by MTVNews (Read Full Article):

Joshua Jackson Hopes ‘Fringe’ Follows ‘X-Files’ Example

Jackson said he hopes that in some way “Fringe” mimics the “X-Files” formula of blending character development with a weekly mystery. “The thing that I loved about ‘X-Files’ is that every Friday night, I would get two or three things that were important about the characters,” he said. “The story was always cool and engaging.”

More to come!

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