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Feb 27 2009

One Week: Movie Clips and new interview

I know that a lot of you aren’t going to be able to see Josh’s latest project, One Week in theaters. But fortunately, there are some authorized clips that have been released to give you a taste of the film. I’ve put together a page with these clips to stream and enjoy:

> > One Week Videos < <

Hopefully, there will be more to come! 🙂

Also, there is a new article that I posted over at our Message Board on Wednesday that if you missed it, I think you’d enjoy reading it.

Via (you can click the link to view the whole article)

“Every film I’ve ever worked on was breakneck. And television the same. Maybe when you get up to the $100-million movies, but I’ve made 30 some odd films now and it’s always a panic to beat the light and get the shots you need in the amount of time, so that wasn’t too new. But the intimacy of it was fresh because it was 17 people. That was the entirety of our crew diving across Canada. There’s a lot of layers of things that go into making a film that can occasionally get in the way, and there were none of those filters on this one.

“I sympathize with that journey. I sympathize with the fact that nobody makes the right choices all the time. I sympathize with the fact that sometimes, in order to live your life, you have to make hard choices and things get broken. People get hurt.”

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