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Feb 19 2009

Josh and Diane hit the runway in New York

Ah, another year at fashion week and another year that the lovely and fashionable couple, Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson make an appearance. These two are quite fetching, non?

Hopefully, we’ll get more photos soon, but thanks to the FugGirls Blog for sharing a snap of the cute couple at the Tommy Hilfiger runway show yesterday and some observations they had of them while at the event:

Last season, when Diane Kruger arrived at Tommy Hilfiger sans dashing boyfriend Joshua Jackson, we scolded her for the oversight and encouraged her to go sit in the corner and think about what she’d done. Well, time to take off the dunce cap, Diane: At Thursday morning’s Tommy show, just as we settled in for some celeb-spotting, the crowds parted, the “Hallelujah” chorus blasted, and tiny angels flew down from the rafters carrying a heavenly spotlight that they cast right onto Kruger and Jackson’s beaming faces. “Pacey. Pacey! PACEY!” we choked, clutching each other like 13-year-olds. Seriously, we were 30 seconds away from asking him to sign our Trapper-Keepers. Or our chests.

When we moseyed over to see him up close, we noticed the Hilfiger PR crew had deftly and subtly already escorted the other celebs to their seats. Jackson rubbed elbows with Zoe Saldana — in white satiny harem pants with elastic ankle cuffs; maybe she’s the genie that granted our Pacey Witter wish — and, next to her, Natasha Bedingfield. Selma Blair sat on Kruger’s left in a white turtleneck dress, followed by Alexandra Richards and Marky Ramone. The tabs made a huge deal about Selma eating doughnuts and candy to gain weight for Kath & Kim, but she looked totally normal and healthy to us. Of course, we ALSO eat doughnuts and candy. Still, we suspect all the fuss about her new “curves” really came from the fact that they put her in clothes at least a size too small. She’s barely even bumpy in real life.

The house rules barred interviews on the runway, so all we could do was stare while photogs snapped shot after shot of various celebrity combos. Kruger donned Ray-Bans for hers, and a grinning Jackson pulled out a matching pair. We wish we could’ve heard his explanation for them, because whatever it was, Zoe Saldana found it highly amusing (although we noticed later that Kruger has a red spot in her eye, as if she’d burst a blood vessel, so it may have been a solidarity thing).

Indeed, everyone seemed to want a piece of Pacey: As he talked cheerfully, pretended to analyze the press card describing the outfits, and cracked wise about the start time (years of Dawson’s Creek apparently means that we are semi-creepily plugged into his voice like it’s a tuning fork — snippets carried across the catwalk and straight to our ears), Saldana and Bedingfield erupted in a constant stream of giggles and grins. He even steadied a rattled Saldana when, returning to her seat after visiting a friend, she slipped on the plastic covering the runway. In short, that dude was the toast of the town.

A word of advice, Diane, from Beyoncé to you: If you like it, put a ring on it. Believe.

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