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Feb 20 2009

Fringe : Josh returns to his native home of Vancouver

Well, the Fringe cast and crew’s worst fears have been confirmed, only with a twist. Instead of moving their production and filming back to Toronto, Canada, they’re moving to the other coast into Vancouver, British Columbia! Not only is this home to Josh Jackson, but the original location for filming of the X-Files. Reporting

The loss of the state tax incentives for film and television production has claimed its first victim.

Fringe, the hit show on Fox produced by Warner Brothers, is packing up its sets and moving to Vancouver, Canada, for next season. Members of the crew were informed today.

The show, which will finish shooting its current season here by the end of April, employs around 100 people and spends more than $4 million an episode in New York City.

It’s a bit sad since the cast relocated to New York and started to become quite settled. I wonder if this will impact the way the show appears for its East Coast appeal? Only time will tell.

Here are two cute Polaroids of Josh and Diane at the Tommy Hilfiger show:

Joshua Jackson Diane Kruger Hilfiger Polaroid Joshua Jackson Diane Kruger Hilfiger Polaroid

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