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Jan 24 2009

Josh wants to be a dad & more "The Hour" photos!

Thanks to “JJ” who gave me the heads up about this cute video that Josh did with E! News Weekend about being a dad and doing more volunteer work. (To view full size video, click E! News link)

I’ll be recording the show when it airs here and I’ll add a downloadable version soon.

Also, HUGE thanks to Andrea for letting me know about her attending the taping. She so graciously donated photos to me and they turned out great! She mentioned that he moved around a lot, so she asks to forgive the quick movements in the photos. 🙂

Please DO NOT TAKE THESE PHOTOS. They were donated exclusively for this site.

Joshua Jackson on “The Hour” Set Photos x 5 images

Lisa also provided some caps from the segment.
Thanks so much, Lisa! 🙂

More can be found here.

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