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Jan 14 2009

Josh visits Craig Ferguson and the Fox All-Stars Winter TCAs

It was a good day for Josh and media, yesterday! Josh paid a visit to Craig Ferguson and did a cute and quirky interview for “The Late, Late Show”. I’ve uploaded a video for you to download below:

Joshua Jackson Late Show Craig Ferguson
Josh Jackson on Craig Ferguson
Download Here | 40 MB

While in Los Angeles, Fox had their Winter TCAs taking place to talk about all that Fringe-goodness and that the show WILL be back for Season 2! I’m sure the cast is excited with this news and Josh headed over to the Fox All-Stars Party immediately following the TCAs (Television Critics Association). I’ve uploaded pictures below.

Also, BuzzSugar was in attendance and did a quick interview with Josh about the return of Fringe (next week!) Click the BuzzSugar link for the full interview:

On giving Peter a reason to stick around: “The concern amongst everybody, myself included, was you can only go so far on the ‘Peter’s here to be a babysitter’ thing, because at a certain point this very selfish man would just say, ‘f*** it, I’m out of here.’ And then you had that episode where he gets abducted by the Observer and Walter tells him, ‘Son you may or may not have died,’ or ‘You may not be yourself,’ and that’s a pretty good hook. Also, he may not like to admit it, but he’s human and he wants to take care of his dad. At the core of it all there’s a very simple emotional story going on: Peter is an abandoned child who has a chance all these years later to build some sort of relationship with his father. If you took away all of the science fiction, that’s a workable story in and of itself.”

The Fox All-Stars Winter TCA After Party x 12 images

Joshua Jackson All-Star TCA Joshua Jackson All-Star TCA Joshua Jackson All-Star TCA

Video of Josh talking with Ausilleo from EW/TV Guide about Fringe and a possible connection with Peter and Olivia?

Watch Video Here

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