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Dec 11 2008

Dawson's Creek Cast Reunion on Fringe!

For all you Dawson’s Creek fans that just loved Grams (if you didn’t, shame on you!), you’ll be happy to hear that she’ll be having a role on Josh’s show, Fringe!

Per TV Guide:

Instead, let me reveal exclusively that there will be a Dawson’s Creek reunion on Fringe! In an upcoming episode, Mary Beth Peil, who played Jen’s loyal Grams on Creek over five years and 128 episodes, will cross paths with Joshua Jackson’s Peter Bishop. (Jackson, of course, made his name as smartaleck Pacey Witter on Dawson’s.)

Peil’s character, Jessica Warren, is important to the Fringe mythology. She’s the mother of a young woman who was killed 20 years ago in an explosion at Walter’s lab, the incident that lead to his incarceration. Jessica shows up when she finds out that Walter has been released from the mental institution.

Peil’s episode is scheduled to air in January.

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